Take A Personal Day, And Go Here For Breakfast Or Lunch

Yeah, it was that kind of day...

One that inspires people to add a meditation app to their phone, book an hour long massage at a spa they've always wanted to check out or order a pair of pricey, completely impractical shoes that they will wear only once, before stashing the box on an impossibly high shelf in their closet. 

Me? I was in stop & go traffic, and my Botox looked as though it was (already) wearing off. WTH?!? Maybe all I needed was a NEW pair of sunglasses? I am overdue, and they are ideal for hiding behind when it's too hot and muggy (as it's been these last few days) to attempt anything close to full makeup. 

Maybe I needed a mini break from my phone, and Instagram, Twitter, Esther The Wonder Pig's FB fan page, and my email inbox? Speaking of phones, a waitress at a pretty well known eatery in PVD recently (and rudely) refused to take my food order because I happened to glance down at my screen after putting in a few drink requests. Won't be going back - Too many options out there for me to allow myself to sit and be scolded by someone making a weak attempt to channel Jeannie Garofalo in Reality Bites. (I swear on my first edition of Edie: An American Biography it was only a glance!)

Thankfully there are plenty of other outstanding restaurants in RI. So, that's what I'm really getting at - the abundance of great places for eats, and vegging out, in the Ocean State. And with August being one of the BEST monthes to live, or visit, here, I say take that personal day, and explore some of the more underrated ones. Where you can, say, stash your phone (or not!) and enjoy a leisurely breakfast or lunch.

Like this place...

Want the ultimate non-touristy, casual food experience in one of the loveliest places in the state? Go straight to The Cooked Goose on Watch Hill Rd in Westerly. They have morning papers (I still love leafing thru a newspaper.), delicious coffee, wifi (I can laugh about it now, kinda.), and a fantastic menu of classic morning mains and sides. The takeout is wonderful too. I lived on their lemon angel hair pasta a few years ago, while recuperating from some emergency surgery in Watch Hill during the month of August. You also never know who you might see (Celeb sightings are possible, so def look up from the paper or your phone.), but you didn't hear it from me.