Patio Dining To Hurry & Enjoy Before Summer Takes A Bow

Beach traffic is still a thing, as are ripped tees, vodka lemonades, and belly aching about the humidity. Yeah, it's still summer. But Fall is creeping in. The evidence is everywhere. The sudden barrage of emails about pre-fall clothing and shoes. Those pics of Halloween candy displays that ppl are uploading to FB with captions like lol and smh (Translation - shading my head). And Insta Famous bloggers hinting about trips to New York Fashion Week (My tips for anyone making that sartorial pilgrimmage? Wear flats - unless you have car service - and invest in a portable battery to avoid any panic attacks about your phone dying on you at the worst poss moment.)

Before summer goes into full on fade out mode, however, one thing you should probably do is have drinks or dinner (or both darn it!) on the back patio at Basta in Pawtuxet Village. We did a few weeks ago, and it was one of the best spontaneous decisions of the whole entire season! For reals. Their salads and pizza (Is there such a thing as a pizza vegetarian?) are always awesome and if you're craving other things (like pasta, fish, etc.), they have a full menu of deliciousness. Of course, you can get that menu year round, but there's something enchanting (welcoming and low key cozy) about the outside space. I guarantee that if you haven't been before, you'll fall deep into #obsession with it.

It reminds me a lot of all those charming cafes or restaurants in NYC (with a visual vibe that's sooo secret hideaway) made super famous by Instagram accounts like Hey Davina. It's definitely not a hidden gem - Just ask anyone who lives (or has lived) in the vicinity. Yet I feel like there are still so many people missing out on this standout for patio dining (#patiolife) in the OS this time of year. In other words, add it to your August bucket list.


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