Why It Might Be Time To Trade Your Signature Drink For This Cocktail Classic

Got a signature drinkie? Bored with it yet? Scroll on to find out about this classsic cocktail that had a mini-resurgence with the popularity of Mad Men, and isn't exactly the most photogenic or Instagram-able, but continues to have a low key, extremely loyal fan base.

Back Story

We have this one friend who is legit obsessed with finding places in RI to get an Old Fashioned (made with whiskey, bitters, sugar, a twist of lemon peel, and water or soda) done right, apparently NOT an easy task. This is her take on the drink and who makes the best ones in the OS. (Oh yeah, she wishes to remain anonymous...for now anyway.)

According To Her

I started ordering them after going to a wedding, where it was the groom's signature drink. I greatly preferred it over the bride's, some pretty, pastel concoction. Of course, I think I was the only woman drinking the men's cocktail. The look of it, the preparation, the association to the era it originated from, and definitely the taste were all very appealing to me. It soon became a favorite, my go-to drink order.

I've since learned that people who drink them usually like Maker's Mark Bourbon and if the wait staff doesn't ask you which bourbon you prefer when you're ordering, it's usually reflected in the result. When made true to the traditional, time honored recipe, it almost has a sweetness. I've found too that it adds to the enjoyment of the entire experience when it's served in a proper 'Old Fashioned' tumbler. 

Yes, there's a lot of interesting information (Quite a history!) you can probably find on this, but I think the best research comes from actually drinking them. And I must say I'm more than happy to do my part to bring back this classic cocktail. 

My 5 Places For An Old Fashioned Done Right

Here's where I recommend getting Don Drapper's drink of choice in Rhode Island:

  1. Mills Tavern
  2. The Waterman Grille
  3. Avenue N
  4. New Rivers
  5. The Capital Grille

Cheers Guys!



Photo Credits: Center photo used in this post with permission courtesy of Getty Images