Step Aside Food Trucks, It's The Shop On Wheels Everyone's Talking About

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VW Buses are making a major comeback right now. In fact, there are millenials traveling crosscountry - and blogging about it! - as the rest of us scroll our smart phones and contemplate our next road trip - most likely to the market for more bananas and/or almond milk and cookies. While they're racking up miles (and gorg retro stylish snaps for social), let's chat about something cool and local-ish that everyone needs to be aware of this second.

Specifically, a business that incorporates a repurposed VW bus, the mobile pop up shop concept (Where are they located? Ummm, everywhere...Mobile stores selling vintage and new clothing are also apparently a very big deal on the West Coast.) and fresh flowers.

So, yeah, you're already acquainted with the current Food Truck craze (No signs of any slowdown there, that's for damn sure. People LOVE, and live for, food trucks.), but how about the Wildflower Truck

Because Why

Now, I know you're could be thinking - 'What? She's posting about flowers again? What The Frig?' Before any rush to judgement however, just know that THIS is different. On many levels. Because it combines elements of vintage (That bus will catch your eye, you might even covet it.), natural beauty (flowers, greenery), and DIY (You choose which ones and make your own bouquet to show off IRL, share on Instagram and FB, or gift to that special someone.). Pure awesomeness, right? (Also, the perfect opportunity to channel your favorite online lifestyle gurus and snap a photo of your bouquet with some sort of mimialist chic background.)

There's Still Time...

We tracked them down last weekend at the Providence Flea, and they were also spotted in Wickford back in July. It's a fun-tastic way to break up an afternoon, especially while the temps are still so mild and we're all still in short sleeves. If you can't get to the Truck, (I hear) they have an online delivery option for $45, which if you're trying hard to impress someone at the moment, would totally do the trick. Earning you beaucoup brownie points with either your SO (aka, Signoficant Other) or your potential SO.


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