The Hottest Ticket In The OS That Everyone's Talking About

There's something pretty fantastic happening in RI right now, but only until the end of October. Or so I've been told...

Yesterday, I motored over to Quonset State Airport to tour the Boeing 747 ("If it's not Boeing, I'm not going.") that's been converted into a replica of Air Force One. Courtesy of an organization called the Children's Democracy Project. Hadn't heard of them until now, but apparently their mission is to make the Air Force One Experience a teachable one, to help enlighten children about American democracy and history, including civil rights and their civic duties. It's NOT just for the kiddies though - Absolutely everyone needs to go! (Apparently, there were over 9500 tour reservations in their first week open to the public, so I'm def not alone in my enthusiasm.)

While photo taking in the interior of the plane is prohibited (sad face), I was able to snap a few pics of the actual 1960 Lincoln Continental Limo from President Kennedy's motor pool (My dad was a major Kennedy fan. Many a night during our summer vacays on the Cape, we would drive by the Compound in Hyannis, hoping to get a glimpse of someone, anyone from the family really. It never happened, unless you count that one time my mom spotted a wood paneled station wagon with Virginia plates that she was sure belonged to Ethel - Hickory Hill ya know!) that greeted me in the tent where you check in and kick off the tour. There was also a vintage seat from Air Force One under glass that looked to be from the 1960's and 70's. And don't forget to check out the Elvis connection to presidential travel. (It *might* make a great anecdote at your next mixer or networking event.)

Right now, the tours are completely self-guided (A litle disapppointing but they are actively looking for volunteers to step in soon.) and definitely take you somewhere most of us will never ever get to experience, unless of course you factor in the movies and tv. I mean, the scene from Air Force One where President Harrison Ford yells 'Get Off My Plane!' did flash thru my mind once or twice. I don't wanna give too much away (Enough with the spoilers.), but even if you're not a Kennedy afficiando or a super fan of Harrison's, it's well worth a jaunt over to NK - and $17 tix price for adults - in the coming weeks. Before they pick up and move everything to the next stop, the Empire State. 

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Patty J