4 Places For Drinkies, Eats & Enjoying The Unseasonably Warm Weather

The weather this week feels just like July or August. Not at all like September, almost October in the Ocean State. There I said it! 

Yeah, the kitty kat's outta the bag, and since (I'm guessing) we're all on the same page at this point, I'll also confess that this Summer 2017 do over sorta makes me want to run out, borrow a convertible, and motor over to South County. (Closer to the ocean, let's have the Summer we were supposed to have, and all that jazz...)

How 'bout you? In case you do get an overwhelming urge to skip school or work and take that personal day while short sleeve weather is (weirdly) still with us, here are a few spots in the SC area to bookmark and enjoy.

  1. If you want to go green...."Smoothy Booty Cafe is my go-to juice bar. I always order the “What’s Up Doc” for my juice and add lemon and ginger to it (soooo delicious over ice). If I’m in the mood for a smoothie though, I love the “Suck It Up Princess”. I sometimes add spinach to my smoothie, and this one is my favorite because they add hemp protein." According to Ocean State and Instagram style maven Meg Mattera 
  2. If coffee's more your thing...TLC Coffee RoastersAre you one of those ppl who drink ice coffee year-round? TLC has a wall of options that will surprise and delight any fan of java on ice. (I've NEVER seen anything else quite like it in this area!) They also have fantastic muffins (The poppy seed are my personal fav.), and some local art to scope out if you're in the mood to unplug from your screen.
  3. Because technically, it is Fall afterall...The Farmer's Daughter: Shop the farmstand for in season veggies and fruits, then make your way over to stalk the autumnal displays of plants, pumpkins, and flowers. It's also the perfect spot for taking beaucoup Fall fotos for your FB and IG. (And who would've guessed we'd be forgoing the flannels for said photo opps? Oh my gourd!)
  4. Because this place is pretty darn cool...Green Line Apothecary: Go for the (best) traditional ice cream floats and their selection of indie skincare. So says RI-based Dermo Dr., and all around awesome individual, Paula Moskowitz.

Patty J