Pour Over: The Best Ways To Celebrate National Coffee Day In The OS

National Coffee Day? For some of us, it's every single (day). I mean, have you ever gone an entire morning without a drop, only to develop a monster headache around 2pm that even Tylenol Extra Strength couldn't touch? And forget about trying to squash it later by chugging 2 or 3 consecutive cups. After a certain point, you are (sadly) stuck, and only a dose of caffeine first thing the following am will set things right.

Hands held high if your mom had not one, but multiple Faberware pots stockpiled in the pantry. (Highly recommending one if you're OVER your Keurig at this point btw.) More true coffee confessions. One year, back when I worked for a big & fancy retailer, I gave everyone in my fam a gift basket for Christmas that contained, among other goodies, a French Press and a few bags of coffee beans. (The bros who ran said company apparently played golf with Howard Schultz himself on the reg, so their coffee was the same as Starbucks, only the packaging was diff.) Cut to the last 3 years of my posting coffee related photos on social almost daily and people being visibly disappointed when I meet them in person and don't order a cup. All of this (I'd say) qualifies me to share an abbreviated guide to ringing in National Coffee Day in the OS, so here goes.

  • Best Outdoor Scene: See and be seen sitting in the garden outside Olga's Cup & Saucer on Point Street, now more than ever with the current crazy warm weather. (Hall of Fame's gotta include Seven Stars on Broadway in PVD. You know you always glance over when driving by.)
  • Best Place To Instagram From: The Shop In Fox Point. Fab lighting and decor, and photogenic coffee (and food), that's always amazing. And they repost their fav fotos on their IG. What's better than that? 
  • If You Want Water Views: Coastal Roasters in Tiverton. Right on the water folks. I also love the Presto Strang O Coffee Truck which can be found at the Providence Flea every Sunday. And the water views? PVD River, and skyline, are right there people.
  • Most Stylish Purveyors Of Coffee: The peeps behind The Nitro Cart of course! Seen their Insta? It's gorg(eous). Theirs is also one of the few brews I'll drink black. 
  • If You Want To Drink Coffee Surrounded By A Kickass Assortment Of Books: Go directly to The Savoy, Downtown Westerly. 99.9% sure they serve Dave's Coffee. Add in small town friendliness combined with big city book seller vibe and it's time for a Rhody roadtrip. 
  • If You're Vegan Curious...Swear I had a latte (Errrr, fairly certain the coffee was New Harvest.) made with flax seed milk (Who KNEW?) at Wildflour in Pawtucket recently and it was incredible.
  • Most Zen Coffee Experience: Order a French Press at Schastea (Full Disclosure: Still cannot get used to the new name and want to call it The Elephant Room so freakin badly.) A certain someone in my life who qualifies for the biggest complainer on the planet status raves about the French Press coffee there too. (PS - That's saying SOMETHING.)
  • If You Don't Live In The Newport Area You're Probably Missing Out On This One... Check out Empire on Broadway for a consistently great cuppa joe. Hidden gem-esque for anyone outside Newport County.

Patty J