My RI Life: Get To Know Yuri Tomikawa Of Zencare

About Me

I'm the founder and CEO of, a website that helps people find their ideal talk therapist. I'm a Brown alum and avid yogi, and love artsy lattes!

Rhody Favorites

Favorite Coffee Shops: Love the Providence coffee scene! I frequent Coffee Exchange, Blue State Coffee, Bolt, and Dave's. All great places to work or have meetings. Try the lavendar latte at Dave's.

Favorite Lunch Spots: When my team member Maggie and I are craving comfort food, we head to Ken's Ramen. When we're feeling fancy, we go to Tallulah's Taqueria. And when we're just looking to have fun, we get some sliders at Harry's Bar & Burger. These locations are great for non-meat eaters like me: the Vitality Ramen has delicious vegetarian broth, the Tallulah burrito bowls are hearty and filling, and Harry's veggie sliders are some of the best I've ever had.

Favorite Yoga Studio: I love Jala Yoga! They offer a style of yoga called Jivamukti, which combines hatha (holding poses) and vinyasa (flow) yoga. Music is an integral part of the practice, and classes feel like an awesome combination of meditative flow and workout. The instructors are highly trained, and they offer lots of hands-on assists, so you know you're improving every class.

Zencare For Mental Wellness is a website that makes it easy to find a high quality talk therapist. You can watch introductory videos, check up-to-date availability and insurance information, and book a free call to find a good fit.

I started Zencare after my own experience looking for a therapist. I was a few years out of college and felt lost in my career, so I decided to see if a therapist could help. But after a few weeks of browsing directories and leaving dozens of voicemails, I still couldn't find a therapist! Many didn't call me back, and those who did told me they weren't accepting new clients. It had taken me a lot of courage to pick up the phone and decide to seek help; when I finally did and faced so many rejections, it was almost enough to make me give up on therapy entirely. I didn't want anyone else to feel that way, and so Zencare was born.

Zencare is unique in the emphasis it places on both personal fit and clinical quality. Our team interviews every therapist before they are listed on the site to ensure they follow best practice standards. Ultimately, my goal was to build a therapist directory that I could guide any of my friends and family to and know they would receive excellent care whomever they chose, through a process that's efficient and empowering. Now we're excited to help hundreds of people in Rhode Island and Massachusetts connect with therapists every month.

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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Yuri Tomikawa