All The Reasons You'll Want To Staycation At This Stylish Rhody Spot


I was at a party recently where someone from out of state was talking about how their daughter wants to be a travel blogger. At the top of this young lady's wish list of hotels? The Dean. So, extended story abbreviated, guess where I booked this week? But seriously, there are so many reasons to, especially if you're a fan of outstanding food and drink (more about that in a sec). It's also mid-January, not peak season per se, so figured I might have a better chance at securing one of their suites for my very first stay. Btw, not a sponsored post whatsoever, but an opportunity to (finally) experience one of the OS' not-so-hidden-gems and blog about the highlights. Here goes.

1. Sure there's the ginormous Marcel Proust quote (an Instagram classic by now) that runs along the side of the building, where you'll find the entrances to both Bolt Coffee and The Boombox Room, but the interior? Other similar must sees are (of course) the illuminated FINE sign in the lobby/coffee bar, as well as neons Love is... and time for another on the upper levels, easily accessible if you're a guest.

Photos below and throughout by Stacey Doyle Photo.

2. We had some sensational cocktails at the Magdalenae Room. Stacey took fab photos (See below.), but the lighting truly doesn't lend itself to phone fotos (or selfies) at all. It's dim and slighly mysterious, so stash your device and enjoy your drink and the ambience. Fun fact? The murals on the walls date back to the hotel's former incarnation (decades ago) as a strip club. Another fun fact? I went to high school with the gentleman responsible for the MR, and a bunch of other seminal (innovative! groundbreaking!) bars and restaurants around the city. PS - don't do the math (lol?), and he has absolutely no idea who I am (ditto).

3. One of the sweetest parts about booking a stay at The Dean on a Monday night in particular? We scored a highly coveted table at the newly relocated North. Not gonna lie, made damn sure we were there the minute they opened for biz (5:30pm, no, they don't take reservations ever, and yes, it was still jamming that night.). After ordering a bunch of scrumptious smalls to split, we wrapped everything up with their double chocolate cake, made with beets (I know, right? You'll be beyond delighted tho.), to share. 

4. More good stuff? We loved the clean, minimalism meets Rhody homage (RISD alum art work on the walls, along with RI made snacks and sparkling water in the vintage school house desk as mini bar) vibe of the Guardian Suite. In addition, there were primo views of some of Providence's most iconic street art murals.

Makeup in the photos below by Jenny DiMucci of Twinkle & Smooch Beauty at One Studio Smooch.

5. You'll want to start your day with a trip back downstairs to Bolt, which opens around 7am. Highly recommending changing up your reg coffee order by choosing oat milk. A lot of ppl who have digestion related issues prefer it over the nut based varities, and for that reason and more, it's going to start popping up everywhere this year. You also can't go wrong with a Knead Donut or two. And if you ask nicely, they might even let you take a ceramic cup and saucer back to your room, so you can style the perfect blogger-y breakfast shot.

All Photos: Stacey Doyle Photography

Pajamas: Thanks to our friends at Fat Face Garden City for the loungewear in the photos above.

Makeup in check in photos by Jenny DiMucci of Twinkle & Smooch at One Studio Smooch.