This Food Trend Has Arrived In PVD So Text That Friend You Take On Foody Adventures

Kow Kow Food Truck in Providence last night

Kow Kow Food Truck in Providence last night

These days I tend to shy away from posting two days in a row about food, but truth be told, I feel like THIS is going to be major this season in the OS, both online and IRL. As of right now there really isn’t anything else like it that I’m aware of, so here goes...

Popular first in Hong Kong and then later in Soho in London, bubble wrap waffles have hit Providence, courtesy of Kow Kow Food Truck. Made while you wait from an egg-based batter via a somewhat unusual honeycomb-like iron, these ginormous (you’ll need both hands to hold these ice cream, fruit, and syrup stuffed treats!), puffy wonders are both Insta and splurge worthy.

After stalking their Insta, we were able to finally track them down last night just before 6pm (their start time most nights in the capital city) on Waterman St on the East Side, where a small group of dessert enthusiasts were already assembled and waiting to get their orders in. And take photos with the finished product. I mean there was a mom there with two little kids who are destined to become food bloggers in a few short years. Naturals in front of the I-Phone camera they were!

Anywho, we went pretty classic with our order, deciding on The Usual (vanilla ice cream, hazelnut drizzle, strawberry, and banana) after mulling over the 4-5 ice cream based options. $8.50 might see like a lot, but for that price you get a big enough portion to share with at least one other person - whether it’s that fav friend who always goes with you in search of new food adventures or your significant other with one heck of a sweet tooth (or maybe you have to plead with him or her to accompany you, whatevs). Also, you can get your hands on Just A Waffle for around $3.75, something to keep in mind for all your snacking and Insta Story needs going forward for the rest of the year.

So bring your appetite and your charged phone (prepare for a barrage of IG and Snaps from there starting this month!) over to the Kow Kow Truck. For their schedule and more info, definitely check them out over on Insta.