Get Into The Halloween Spirit With Your Boo With This Spooky PVD Tour


Eat, Drink & Be Scary

We were originally supposed to take the Providence Ghost Tour last week. On the night we had booked, however, there were what can only be described as torrential downpours. So instead we ate (way too much food at Tallulah’s!), drank (cocktails at the new and marvelous Saint Monday, first read my blog about them, then go see for yourself), and later got caught up in some kind of towing scam (don’t even get me freakin started).


Creepin It Real This Year

Last night, it was a go though. No rain, but it was freakishly hot. Not very Halloween-y, this is true, but on the bright side (speaking of bright, the route itself is mostly well lit…you’ll also want to pull out the sensible shoes for this because of the uneven sidewalks, steep hills, and potential for slipppery leaves on this walking tour, definitely not the time to be trying to channel Stevie Nicks, Misty Day, or Madison Montgomery in those platforms boots or booties), at least we didn’t have to get all bundled up for the approx 2 mile stroll around the East Side.

Photo by coleong/Getty Images

Photo by coleong/Getty Images

I’m Here For The Boos

The dilemma here is that I obviously don’t want to reveal all the secrets of the tour. For the record, there are many, and tbt I was super surprised by much of it! (I mean as someone who attended public school in PVD during the 70’s and 80’s, I feel as though I learned next to nothing about local history and legends.) Our guide was pretty knowledgeable and engaging. Of course both Poe and HP Lovecraft were mentioned (that’s a given), but there’s so much other disturbing stuff that will seriously change the way you look at so many spots in that part of Providence. #OhMyGourd

*For more info about the Providence Ghost Tour, click here.

Photo: Providence photo used with permission from Getty Images

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