6 Ways This Clean Beauty Boss Celebrates Fall That You & Your Besties Will Want To Try

because fall is your season…

because fall is your season…

Stephanie Additon, friend of the blog and Founder + CEO of JAVA Skin Care (a RI based, all natural skincare company with a coffee-centric vibe), is here sharing a few of her picks for what to see and do (including some great self-care related recommendations) this autumn in the Ocean State.

It’s Fall in Narragansett, Rhode Island and while we are known for our beaches, October brings a whole new kind of beauty. Some of my favorite things to do this season include:

1️⃣ Watch the Leaves Change Color – Just driving down the road can turn into zen moment.


2️⃣ Visit a Pumpkin Patch – The Farmer’s Daughter in South Kingstown is one of my favorite places to spend a fall afternoon. It is so beautiful this time of year!

3️⃣ Picking Dahlias - My daughter’s beloved grandfather Papap was a prize winning Dahlia grower and always had the most stunning garden. These flowers hold a special place in our hearts.

photo courtesy of JavaSkinCare.com

photo courtesy of JavaSkinCare.com

4️⃣ Making the Switch to Hot Coffee – There’s nothing better than drinking a fresh brewed coffee on a crisp morning. Adding an apple cider donut is always a welcome treat (but don’t worry, I’m still working out with Jtab!).


5️⃣ A new fall experience I had recently was meeting up with “Patty J” for a fun collab at Perfectly Nailed Salon in East Greenwich. The owner Jessica has put together a JAVA Pedicure that is truly decadent, and she invited both of us to try it. We were pampered to the max! I suggest giving Jessica or Bianca a call to schedule a JAVA Pedicure as a special treat for yourself. It’s a must do if I say so myself (lol).

photo by Stacey Doyle Photography

photo by Stacey Doyle Photography

6️⃣ My go-to product this month is our JAVA Body Wash. Seriously hydrating because of the Raw Coffee (Every JAVA product contains a proprietary raw coffee infusion loaded with antioxidants.) & Argan oil infusion and Aloe Vera. All our ingredients are gentle to the skin, so if you tend to dry out this time of year (like I do), our Bath Wash is a wonderful edition to your routine. But we don’t want you to smell like a cup of coffee (not that that is always a bad thing, lol), so our Bath Wash also has lots of sweet almond, making shower or tub time an aromatic experience.


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