These Paperless Post Invites Will Have You Hosting The Best Friendsgiving For Your BFF's

Raise your glass to new traditions.

Raise your glass to new traditions.

Feast Your Eyes On This

The countdown to Friendsgiving has pretty much begun. So, if you’re thinking of hosting one for your favorite people this year, there are a few things to consider. I mean, sure there’s the apple cider sangria, that’s a must. The place cards (In her pre-Duchess life, Meghan Markle had a side caligraphy business. Doesn’t that make you want to sign up for a class or at the very least, watch a YouTube video on it.) Of course the potatoes and pies - because who doesn’t love and live for carbs? But what about the invites?


Surround Yourself With People Who Get It

Your besties will appreciate that you took time out to put together a special invite for the occasion, not to mention the fact that you’re saving them from any potential paper cuts that might occur with opening something more traditional sent via snail mail (and we all have that one friend who tosses all their mail on a table and maybe goes thru it “like” once a month, making it highly likely he or she will miss out on your event altogether).

But you also don’t want to end up down a rabbit hole, spending your entire afternoon (or weekend) trying to cobble together a decent looking digital invite. Totally understandable! That’s where the fantastic folks at Paperless Post come in. Fans of theirs include everyone from fashion designers like DVF and Zac Posen to actresses Zoey Deschanel and Emma Watson to marquee names like Khloe Kardashian. I’m teaming up with them here to talk about exactly why their online invites (and now textable Flyers…more about those in a sec) are hands down the easiest way (You’ll be so thankful!) to ramp up your hosting game. Especially this time of year.


Easy As Pie

Paperless Post has oodles of charming options to choose from and they put them right at your fingertips. Literally. No drama, just custom designed (by YOU) invites sent via email annoucing your Friendsgiving 2018. (Monica Geller would approve.) It’s as simple as installing the free app on your phone and diving into the menu. I recommend scanning the General Entertaining (so many pretty ones that would be perfect, including Forest Feast, Watercolor Fall Leaves, and Harvest Market ), Dinner Party, Kate Spade, Rifle Paper Co. (They’re also collab-ing with some remarkable companies btw.), and (just added) Thanksgiving tabs during your next coffee break or lunch hour to get the inspiration going.


Last Minute And…Lovely

Now, about those Flyers…Adore that they have recently introduced a free textable invite, without sacrificing any of the stylishness that they’re already known for. It’s also fantastic for those spontaneous party throwers among us who might want to plan something a little last minute, but still want an invitatation that looks top notch! You can include all your besties on your guest (text) list, and be sure to check out the Arcadia, Ritz, and Aperitif templates in particular. So, here’s - and cheers - to throwing your best Friendsgiving ever!

***This post is part of a partnership with the fabulous people at Paperless Post.