The Warming Spa Treatment For You & Your Besties Because There's Snow In The Forecast


Has the recent weather (heavy rains, colder temps, and…a ginormous snowflake just popped up on our I-Phone Weather App for this Thursday) and clock change taken a toll? Looking for a local indoor escape to distract you until things heat up with Holiday prep or you fly away for a winter vacay? Well, there’s nothing better on a cold day in the OS than a restorative treatment that involves heated pools, steam rooms, and saunas.

Try dipping your toes into the water therapy at the Bodhi Spa, a series of soaks in different pools, alternating with cold plunges and cool showers, and finally, meditative and soothing time in their steam room and (traditional and infrared) saunas. Tucked away at the end of Thames, The Bodhi is a fantastic way to reboot your body and your mind right about now. The vibe is a mix of updated Zen and low key luxe.


Your Water Journey kicks off with 10-12 warming and relaxing minutes in The Dead Sea Salt Pool (98 degrees, and so much better for you than a dose of boy band pop! Especially if you’re someone who forever feels cold.), followed by a water break. Drinking H20 throughout is crucial because you will be sweating, especially once you get to the saunas and steam room, and you don't want to risk getting dehydrated.


Next, it’s 5 to 10 seconds of Cold Plunge in a mini pool. The water is a teeth chattering 55 degrees. 30 seconds to a minute is what's recommended, but we chickened out after only a few seconds. It's uncomfortable, but apparently also necessary. The entire experience is, after all, based on the idea that there are beaucoup benefits for the body and mind from refreshing the circulatory system with both hot and cold.

Before the going back into another pool, you’ll need to take a few in the Rinsing Shower, which is definitely warmer than the Cold Plunge, so don’t despair. Now you’re all set to stroll over to the Epsom Salt Pool for 8-10 minutes of balmy-104 degrees-purifying goodness that we adored and that many celebs and health & wellness fanatics swear by for relaxation, detoxifying and beautifying the skin, and more. Followed by more Cold Plunge (brrrrrrrr) and another Rinsing Shower.


The wrap up has you taking 10-15 minutes in either the Infrared or the traditional Sauna. We chose the Infrared because it's known for being anti-cellulite, anti-disease, pro-healing, and pro-weight loss. (And regardless of what you've heard or seen on social media, everyone has cellulite. Everyone.) Then it’s another go-round of Cold Plunge and Rising Shower. And finally, 8-10 minutes in the Eucalyptus Steam Room, which helps you forget the shock and discomfort of the Cold Plunge and also helps to fire up your core again.

So, text your squad or significant othergrab your favorite swimsuit (Bathing suits are required.), and head on over to The Bodhi for some Hydrotherapy, one of the most relaxing experiences ever. True story, ever after a few xl coffees from Empire, we were still in the zone. And they also offer a laundry list of other spa treatments and services. (Scroll their website for deets.)


Photo Credits: Additional photos courtesy of and the PattyJDotCom Instagram.