This PVD Skincare Maven Might Have You Rethinking Those Sheet Masks & Your Entire Routine TBH

No Makeup!!!

That’s what jumped out at me in the most recent email from Anna. Not that I wear a lot of makeup mind you. Maybe some tinted moisturizer, Boy Brow from Glossier (Shoutout to everyone else who over-tweezed their brows during the 90’s.), and lipstick.


I made sure, however, to show up for my appointment last week at Anna’s Renaissance Clinique on the East Side of PVD bare faced and ready to soak in the wisdom and expertise of her 20+ years of experience in skin care and nutrition. A friend, who has gorgeous skin and has been going to Anna for almost two decades, had connected us, and I was equal parts excited and nervous.

Classically trained in her native Russia at the Institute of Health and Beauty, Anna Golub is a skincare specialist in the tradition of old school legends like Aida Thibiant, Georgette Klinger, and Aida Grey. Her multi-step process (which includes cleansing, exfoliation, steps to nourish and soothe, and an overall analysis) is grounded in a holistic, from-the-inside-out approach (So yeah, what you’re eating and drinking most definitely matters.) that devotees and enthusiasts have been known to travel from all over New England for.

Over the years she’s helped clients - from those simply wanting a refresh to people in recovery mode following major surgery or illness - using a combination of deep cleaning and calming facials that she customizes based on individual needs, lifestyle advice (what to add in and what to avoid, etc…her regulars receive a detailed outline to help guide them in their quest for glowing skin.), recommendations from her own line of products, and maybe a cup of tea or nutritious recipe from her homeland.


After arriving at her new-ish space on Waterman Street, I settled into the tranquilty of the treatment room. Immediately following the initial steps, including an enzyme-based exfoliation, Anna went to work applying a freshly made, fruit-based mask that felt cool and comforting (that she also swears borders on edible because of all the good-for-you ingredients that she incorporates) and setting up some light therapy to help maximize the benefits of the mask.

By the time all was said and done, I felt incredibly relaxed. Thankfully, my mellow vibe continued when she handed me a mirror and I saw that my face wasn’t the least bit red, irritated or otherwise inflamed. (I had a party to attend that night and as a rule, I don’t know anyone who would want to show their face at any kind of social gathering post facial. ) Up until the last year or two, I’d shied away from any spa treatments like this out of fear of having a bad reaction. So…happy to report that immediately following, my skin showed no signs whatsoever of distress. Even better, the next morning when I woke up and raced to check my face in the bathroom mirror, my skin still looked unruffled and yesss, even (dare I say?) glow-y.

No (scary) surprises!!!

Only better looking skin.

*Thanks to Anna for an outstanding facial. Find her Renaissance Clinique at 154 Waterman Street in Providence, RI. She works by appointment only. For more info and to book an app of your own, please call (401) 521-0762.