There's A New Indie Bookstore In The OS & Here's Everything You Need To Know

We were worried for awhile there.

We've been inundated with all this talk about the death of bookstores with the advent of online buying and e-reading. We watched as one chain bookstore after another disappeared, and if the big box places were suffering, the independent bookstores were suffering times ten, right?


Well, it was just an unfortunate pause. The universe has corrected itself, because bookstores are alive and well, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Not only have some of our 401 favorites hung in there through thick and thin, but a few new stores have arrived.

The newest kid on the independent bookstore scene, Ink Fish Books, has arrived in Warren--just in time for the holidays. The store opened in October, to crowds so dense that you’d have to “‘scuse me” your way through just to get around. Ink Fish is the dream-into-reality of longtime Warren resident and bookworm Lisa Valentino. Although Ink Fish sells new and used books of all genres, Valentino’s passion for food and cookbooks are front and center. The hot, new titles are well represented--but I also lingered on Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook, hearing his signature snark about not being unprepared in the kitchen (and yes, I’ve made an effort to get more organized and pre-prep everything since).


Located just up the street from Hope & Main, Ink Fish Books also sells many of the locally made food products that we know and love (and some we don’t yet know, and will soon love). I couldn’t leave without a bottle of Ocean State Pepper Company’s Clucking Awesome spice blend along with my book.

Valentino envisioned a neighborhood bookstore for way beyond just the neighborhood--a community gathering place and a place to meet up and connect with others. It’s just a month in, and Ink Fish Books is already these things and more. My personal don’t-miss event at Ink Fish is the launch of Ann Hood’s new title, Kitchen Yarns--Saturday, December 1, 5:00-7:00. Between author and vendor events, book discussion groups, and other events, Ink Fish Books is already a warm and inviting place to ditch your phone and connect with the community.

Ink Fish Books is closed on Mondays, and located at 488 Main St., Warren.

Melissa B

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