The Grape Trend That You & Your BFF's Will Want To Raise Your Glasses To


Read Between The Wines

Ok, you might think vegan wine is something you’d overhear people talking about in the produce section of your local neighborhood Whole Foods or at the winter famers market in Pawtucket, but how about on Atwells Ave?

The other night we were out for dinner at Zooma on The Hill - and while we continue to be fascinated with their new-ish wine preservation system (2 words - perfect pour) behind the bar - it’s the vegan options on their wine list that made us go hmmmmm.

Our bartender explained to us that during the clarifying process (also known as fining), things like egg whites, milk proteins, gelatine and (ewwww) fish bladder are often used to make wines clearer, brighter, and less bitter.

And you thought it was just grapes, along with some fancy foot work. (Cue the I Love Lucy rerun of Lucy stomping grapes in Italy…)

Pro Tip: Add their Margherita pizza and some truffle fries to your wine situation.


Love The Wine You’re With

We sampled (for blog research purposes only of course…winky face) a few glasses of the Agriverde red and it was fantastic! Also, no waking up the next day to a headache or feeling crummy. Shades of our trip to Italy a few years ago when we drank wine with dinner almost every night and woke up bright eyed and clear as a bell the next day.

Pro Tip: Always order the house wine in Italy.


Giving You More Reasons To Wine

If you’re interested in jumping on the vegan bandwagon, a good place to start besides Zooma would definitely be Barnivore, a site that specializes in plant based vino, beer, and other liquior. In addition, familiar names like Sutter Home, Moet & Chandon Champagne, and Bellissima Prosecco (Christie Brinkley’s line of eco-conscious, 100% organic Prosecco and sparkling wines) all offer vegan wines and spirits.

Pro Tip: Whatever wine you’re indulging in, always strive to hold the stem of the glass and not the bowl - because your hand will essentially raise the temp of the wine.

Team Patty J