3 Big City Trends You & Your Rhody Crew Will Be Talking About In The New Year

Planners and super strict eating plans? Shoutout to anyone who sticks with those after the first few weeks of January! So forget those for a sec and focus on these three things that are going to be blowing up your feeds (that is, if they aren’t already) in the new year. #2019

1. Printed Dresses

Prints are having more than a moment! If you’ve found yourself loving the vintagey printed dresses that Sarah Jessica Parker sports on her HBO show “Divorce” (I have!) or you happen to follow ex-glossy mag editor and author Lucy Sykes Rellie, one half of the British sister socialite duo now famous for their Chick Lit novels (I do! And for the record, she also messaged me last year via Instagram, saying my IG posts made her want to visit Rhode Island.), then you might have noticed a shift toward this softer yet still super chic look.

*No need to max out your plastic to copycat. You can always scope out vintage stores locally and online. It helps too to have a great seamstress or tailor who can modify (and repair) any dresses you find.

2. Celery Juice

Suddenly, celery juice! Believe it or not, the first person I ever heard raving about the benefits of juicing celery in the morning was Kathie Lee Gifford via the Sirius Radio simulcast of her 4th hour of the Today Show chat fest with Hoda Kotby. Locally, Heidi Hope, portrait photographer, creative, and IG celeb, is a fan and early adopter.

*Celery juicing is being celebrated for having many benefits, from increased energy to improved digestion. I say watch for local blends of the stuff to pop up in your fav Rhody juice bar, and your wellness obsessed friend or frenemy to be mad posting about it in 2019.

3. Pilates

Massive amounts of cardio, supplemented with some yoga and barre here and there? Not giving me the results I wanted, needed, and had to have! So, I started incorporating Pilates into the mix, taking semi-private classes with Cheryl Carbone at her studio, Personal Pilates in Warwick. My sister-in-law has been going for two years, and it’s literally changed her life! Anywho, after a few months, happy to report I’m noticing improvement, especially in my core (less paunch) and legs (Never had cankles in my 20’s or 30’s, WTH?!?! Cheryl to the rescue.). So, Cheryl is amazing and I can’t say enough great things about my experience.

*Also, I’ve noticed lately a bunch of articles (in Vogue, via Well & Good) and podcasts loudly singing the praises of Pilates on a Reformer. Yes, pilates, particularly the mat version, has been around for a while, but we’re going to see more ppl than ever in the OS cheering about their results with the reformer centered workout this year. And for good reason.

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