A Local Guy's Guide To Super Last Minute Gifts Your GF, Wife Or SO Will Adore

Gift Like A Man

Here we are a week away from Christmas and I’ll bet there’s a good chance many of you dudes haven’t shopped for your significant others yet. Yes, holiday shopping can be a drag, but here’s your chance to rise to the occasion with some gift ideas any woman will love.

A new outfit

Perhaps the thought of buying your wife or girlfriend clothes makes you break out in a cold sweat, but it’s easier than you think. As I always say, going into the right store is half the battle. Knowing your lady’s sizes is the other half. So check out her closet and write them down. Then, depending on your SO’s style, go to your local Anthropologie, or J. Crew, or Banana Republic, or Bloomingdales, or H&M, or Urban Outfitters. I’ve been buying clothes for my wife for the better part of 20 years and putting together an outfit is often as simple as checking out the displays. Also, the store staff is always eager to help a man who might look like he’s struggling a bit.


Victoria’s Secret has become synonymous with ladies’ undergarments, and you can definitely find everything there from sexy lingerie to comfy pajamas. But doesn't something so intimate deserve something a bit more select? Try browsing some of these online retailers like Fortnight, LaPerla, or Fleur du Mal. Warning! This could become habit-forming – for both of you! (Once again, size matters, so raid her delicates drawer and make some notes.)

A new timepiece

Yes, we all have our phones to tell us what time it is, but a watch will always be a staple of style. If you want to spend it all on one gift, you can’t go wrong with The Birdy Moon Phase 34mm by Shinola. Delicate and pretty on the outside but all business on the inside. For something a bit more budget-friendly, MVMT Watches has dozens of styles all for under $160. Both companies offer free or inexpensive two-day shipping for all you Last-Minute Larrys.

Couples Spa Retreat or ‘Staycation’

Give her something to look forward to. Despite all our best efforts, the holidays are f%$&ing stressful. Once it’s all over, sneak off together for a weekend in the middle of winter and just relax. Either at a hotel with spa services or a destination spa resort, get a couples massage, lounge, get another message, take a nap, do yoga, get a facial, order room service. In short, recharge, rejuvenate, and reconnect!


Take advantage of any gift-wrapping services.

Get a gift receipt. If it's not right, you can always try again.

It's the thought that counts, and just a bit of effort will go a long way!

David is a husband, father, real estate professional, and singer/songwriter with the Boston-based band Eddie Japan (2018 Boston Music Award nominee for 'Pop Artist of the Year'). He also loves clothes. Be sure to click over to his Facebook page - Dress Like A Man, where you'll find more grooming, health and lifestyle tips for the modern gentleman with an edge.