6 Of The Best Places In The OS For Your Next Cup Of Coffee

It just so happens I'm one of those ppl who can order coffee at 10 or 11 at night and still fall into a deep, coma-like sleep an hour or 2 later. Guess you could call it my super power or something. And no, this isn't a post about coffeehouses in the OS that stay open super late (although there is one below that actually qualifies believe it or not). Think of it instead as a short list that every coffee lover should start working their way through asap.

  1. If You Absolutely Live For Books + Coffee: Get to know The Savoy in Downtown Westerly. Small town friendly meets big city book seller selection. Add in copious amounts of Dave's Coffee and yea, it's time for a Rhode trip to the 02891. 
  2. Most Insta Famous Purveyors Of Coffee Circa Now: The peeps behind The Nitro Cart of course! Seen their IG? It's consistently lovely and appealing. Theirs is also one of the few brews I'll drink black. And (hint, hint) they recently opened a brick and mortar over on Broadway in Providence.
  3. Most Zen Coffee Experience: They're known more for their extensive tea menu, but definitely order a French Press at either one of the Schastea (formerly known as The Elephant Room) locations soon. A certain someone in my life who could easily qualify for biggest complainer on the planet status raves about their French Press coffee too, which is really saying something.
  4. The PVD Coffee Experience You're Probably Missing Out On: Check out Carr Haus Cafe, next door to the RISD Museum, and staffed entirely by students. You've probably walked or motored by this distinctive Queen Anne style house (dating back to 1885) tons of times. People rave about the brew, and I just found out that they are in fact open til midnight Monday thru Thursday. 
  5. Plant Yourself For A Cuppa Coffee: You don't have to be a vegan to enjoy your coffee of choice with flax seed milk over at Wild Flour Cafe in Pawtucket. At first I was reluctant (Whattt kind of milk?), but now I'm a total convert.
  6. Bookmark This One For Coffee Breaks Come April + May: The place to see and be seen sitting come Spring and Summer weather in RI? The garden outside Olga's Cup & Saucer on Point Street of course. It's jammed for both weekend brunch and mid week lunch. But you'll want to give it a whirl anyway.