Take A Personal Day & Warm Up At This Winter Oasis In The OS

Hot coffee. Heat cranked in the car. I was even wearing a hat! (Not stressing over hat hair this season, that's for darn sure.)

None of that, however, was any help the other day.

So, there I was, desperately in need of some balmy temps and sustained sunshine. But where to?

Barring hoping on a plane and jetting off somewhere, The Botanical Gardens at RWP is your (and my) best bet on such short notice. It's the closest thing to a tropical getaway when it's 30's and grey (and maybe even snow showering) in PVD, and don't get me started about when the wind kicks in.

Or take your sweetie for a pre-Valentine's stroll this month. (Speaking of ❤️ LOVE, one of my nieces had her wedding ceremony there!)

It's only a $10 admission fee, less if you're a senior (Where are my AARP peeps?) or a kidd-o. 

And I don't care what anyone says, it's so fun taking someone along who's a native Rhode Islander who's never ever been, and watching their reaction as they cross that first threshold to Greenhouse #1: Surprise, a second or two of disbelief, and finally, awe sets in. **Because there are still so many people around the OS who have no idea this little oasis exists in the middle of The Park in Prov..**

If you're one of those who's been - and spied the palms, pools and fountains, koi pond, and the cacti (Did my homework dammit! Cactuses also acceptable as the plural.) and carnivorous plants - congratulate yourself on being in the know, and go back now for these fantastic February 2018 events:

Feb 2nd at 11am is Open Paint & Amateur Photography Day.

On Feb 3rd, starting at 11am, all Providence residents get in for FREE.

Feb 8th at 9 to 11:30am, it's Garden Volunteering.  


Photo Credits: All photos above are courtesy of PattyJ.com