3 Spots In Newport You'll Want To Visit If You're A Jackie O Fan

I'm an unofficial expert on all things Kennedy, including Jackie Kennedy Onassis, having grown up in a half Irish Catholic family. In addition to collecting every issue of the (now defunct) Life magazine that featured Kennedy's on the cover, another idea of fun my father had was driving by The (Kennedy) Compound in Hyannis Port over and over again.

Years later, we also drove out to the weddings of Carolyn Kennedy (to Ed Schlossberg) and Maria Shriver (to Arnold, of course), both on The Cape, hoping to get a glimpse of someone connected to those ceremonies. We kinda did, from far, far away, but at least (I can say) I was there. (wink)

Then, circa mid 90's, I had a chance to tour Jackie's childhood home, Hammersmith Farm, in Newport, when it went up for sale. (There was no AC and it looked as though nothng had been updated in decades, but that's a whole nother post.) With all this in mind, I bring you three very Jackie Kennedy Onassis spots in Newport. So, grab your oversized sunnies (and maybe a head scarf) and scroll on.

1. Check out the church where Jackie, nee Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, married Jack, nee John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on Sept. 12, 1953. Located on 12 William Street, it's a 5 minute walk from Thames and a must see for any authentic Jackie fans. St. Mary's has since been declared a National Historic Shrine - There's that whole  #AmericanRoyalty connection, ya know! Last I heard, they were actually hosting official tours every week re: the wedding. For more info, tap here

2.  Next is Hammersmith Farm, Jackie's childhood home and also where her wedding reception was held. Unfortunately, it's a private residence these days and def not open to the public (Again, I walked the interior when it was on the market back in '95.), but you can absolutely drive by on your way to The Inn at Castle Hill for cocktails by the fire or late lunch/early dinner in the dining room. Extra points on social if you can get a snap of yourself in the vicinity of their private lighthouse, which is def Insta Famous at this point. (See photo above.)

3. Rumor has it that Jackie & Jack were among the luminaries spotted at The Viking back in the day. Been lately? After a serious update a few years ago, the interior is looking sharp, still in keeping with their historical landmark status (Warm fuzzies thinking about all that History with a capital H!) without coming off as fussy, old fashioned or stodgy. The lobby/front desk/bar area on the first floor is perfect for taking any staycation check-in pics for your Instagram of FB. There's also a zen-tastic spa where you can put away your phone and get glam, two things I think Jackie would applaud wholeheartedly. 


Photo Credits: Pic of St. Mary's exterior courtesy of Ashley Farney. Snowy view of Trinity Church courtesy of DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images (Used With Permission); Private lighthouse photo by hsun337/Getty Images (Used with permission), bathtub photo from the PattyJDotCom Instagram.