A Friday Evening Adventure In The OS For Your Next Date Night With Your SO


Searching for something exceptional to do for your next Friday night out? That will have your SO (Significant Other) actually forgetting about his or her phone for a while?

Whatever the reason (You're in a rut, Your Valentine's wasn't exactly what your special someone had in mind, etc.), I have a dreamy destination that first requires you to upgarde the weather app on your smart phone (More about that in a sec...You're not still relying on the one that comes with, are you?), and then ultimately stashing it for the most mesmerizing experience.

For only $2, that's a suggested donation of $1 per person. (You can always give more.) A super affordable yet memorable date, and you could go to Sons of Liberty later for some whiskey or craft cocktails. I myself don't even drink whiskey as a rule, but was surprised to find I like this apple flavored one last time we were there.

Photo courtesy of the Frosty Drew Observatory Facebook & Twitter pages.

Photo courtesy of the Frosty Drew Observatory Facebook & Twitter pages.

If you're already in the know, maybe you've guessed I'm talking about Stargazing Friday Nights at Frosty Drew Observatory in Ninigret Park in Charlestown, RI. After checking multiple weather apps (including Wunderground which let's say is the Gucci of all of those kind of apps), however, it's looking as though there's a 45 - 50% chance of precipitation this Fri, Feb 23rd. No need for drama or worries. It could still happen, but since clear skies are a must, if need be, simply plan for next Fri, March 2nd at 6pm instead.


You probably won't have to wait hours in line to gain access into the actual Observatory, as people do during the Summer months. Another reason to go now. You should bundle up in your best homage to Michelin Man chic though because the roof will be open. It's a tiny but impactful space in terms of what you'll see via the ginormous Newtonian (telescope) and learn from a knowledgeable crew of astronomers (For the record, a topic I've always wished I knew more about.). All under what's supposed to be the darkest skies (optimal situation for gazing ya know!) in Rhode Island.

Prepare to be wowed by, and start geeking out over, the Moon and stars, possibly some shooting stars, galaxy sightings, and a whole lot more. The cosmos related magic happens every Friday night at around 6pm-ish or after dusk. So, forget the phone photos (I don't think they'll come out to your liking anyway.) and flash fotos (Flash is prohibited.) and enjoy.