The Wellness Lounge & Treatment People Are Literally Lining Up For

It's essentially a no phone zone, so there are no pics to prove it, but Tao Foot Spa in Boca was jamming yesterday.

And a friend who frequents it, and introduced me, says that's the norm.

At first, I'd misunderstood, thinking that spa translated to pedicures and such. Not the case. This place is all about reflexology on your feet and...your shoulders, back, arms, and legs. There's nothing back home that really comes close in terms of atmosphere and the actual experience. I've tried one in RI. (There may be 1 or 2 others?) This one just feels like more of an authentic escape from the rat race (Yeah, Boca Raton translates roughly to Rat's Mouth, so there's that.). With the dimly lit (and communal, don't freak over the idea of being in that space with a dozen or more people, it's a non-issue once you're there vegging out) treatment room, lined with oversized leather recliners & ottomans, chandeliers, buddha images on the walls, and a zen-tastic soundtrack playing softly in the background. 

After a sort-of-rebuke (for going into that same main room before being called...Would I be the first person to get kicked out? Awkward.) from a woman I can only guess is either a manager or owner, I was ushered in and over to one of the oversized, leather recliners and ottomans. Again, stash your cell and zip it. There's no talking and only low lighting. If you feel the need to let the person working on your feet (or one those other areas) know that they need to ramp up, or down, on the pressure or speed, you're given a card to present. (After the panic of my initial faux pas, I mistakenly stashed my card in my bag along with my smart phone. Oh. Wellie.)

The hour treatment costs about $36 plus tip and starts with a foot soak in a basin with a liner (Raise your hand if you're a germ-o-phobe too.), a warm towel over the shoulders and back, and a neck, shoulder, and back rub. By the time, he or she gets to your feet, you'll probably be half asleep or snoring. (I snored. No biggie. It happens all the time.) Oh, and the only thing you have to remove is your shoes.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a place like this in Rhode Island? It's the most inexpensive way to recover and reboot from uncomfy shoes, text neck (from slouching over our phones), and the stress of those buggers who don't return emails. 

Photo Credits: Interior photos of Tao Foot Spa courtesy of their Facebook Page

**Updated and revised from the original post from Spring 2017