7 Local Rhody Spots Where You'll Want To Spend Your Tax Refund


Looking to treat yourself with a little splurge with that tax refund check but tired of browsing and buying the same old stuff that everyone else in your group seems to already have? Duly noted. That's why things are about to get way more interesting with these seven local spots to start stalking this season for everything from music and books to furniture, jewelry, and clothing. All courtesy of some savvy people spotlighted previously on the blog. 

  1. "In Your Ear in Warren has a great collection and gives you the authentic feel of being in an independent record store. Part of that record store experience is having someone there who knows music and can answer your questions. The owner Chris really provides that experience for you." Greg Lato, singer and songwriter 
  2. "Twice Told Tales is a hidden gem. You can get lost in this gift shop, that's been part of the neighborhood for 30 years, with its abundance of estate items, unique jewelry, books, books, and did I mention books? If you're a bookworm, or if you have a style that stands out, this is the place to check out." Kathleen Morgan, Pawtuxet Villager and photographer
  3. "Now that we're making our way into warmer weather, The Fantastic Umbrella Factory in Charlestown is one of my favorite places to go. Whether I'm interested in jewelry, clothing, flowers or hangin' with emus, it's got it all. The cafe is also delicious and a fantastic place to grab lunch or a snack!" Emma Nahod, Yoga & Zumba fitness teacher, foodie, and makeup enthusiast 
  4. "My number one favorite place to shop is Field of Artisans. It's a weekly fair where only vendors of handmade items can sell their goods. It pops up in a different location every week all year long. The artisans range from jewelry makers and painters to candle makers and florists." Rachel Lessne, eco-conscious retailer and model
  5. "Love, love, love The Providence Flea, where I discovered a natural face and body creme called Fountain Of Youth Cream. Heaven in a jar. Inexpensive yet amazing! Made by a woman in North Dartmouth." Karen G., makeup artist extraordinaire
  6.  (And 7) "Clothing and accessories are definitely my weakness...My favorite spots in RI are Mel & Me in Garden City Center and Galapagos in Charlestown." Suzanne Pritsker Salomon of Providence Diamond