Already Over Vero? Key Ways For You To Connect Online & IRL, According To This Author And Marketer

Maybe you've tried and already abandoned Vero, the brand new app that went from super popular (So many were saying it was going to replace Insta!) to pariah status (The backlash has begun and there's even a hashtag, #DeleteVero.) in a matter of only a few days? Colin Carlton is here with other ideas and inspo for connecting with people online, and promoting yourself and your biz.


With Facebook's recent announcement about altering the news feed (and the virtual murder of organic reach for business pages) marketers around the world started freaking out. And not without cause.

Historically speaking the organic reach you've seen by people who have liked and follow your page has been a great way to collect eyes on what you're doing. Not to mention the shares, comments, likes, plus the all around warm and fuzzies you get by people liking you. But those days are gone on Facebook and you're going to have to deal with that. But how?


As a marketer I have a few ideas about it, some better than others, but here's one: On a recent podcast I heard someone say that this is what happens when you build your business on rented land. And while harsh it's very true. Facebook is being kind of a prick because they gave us the opportunity, right? They said, "Here make a business page for that thing you do. Oh, and here you can get attention by doing that thing well." Now they're taking away part of the resources they told you to use. But you know what, it's Facebook's world and they have every right to change the rules...also we can't do anything about it and they know it. And now ads will end up costing more because more people are going to be using them. Well great. Zuckerberg spun it by saying they are choosing to focus on community, so my advice is play that game. Focus on the community you've cultivated.

I'm not saying this is easy or ideal, but step back for a second and look at how you can make some real moments happen with your audience instead of just polished social media moments. I'm mostly a writer, but as a freelance marketer I ask businesses and individuals to tell their story. I believe that's what you have to do here, by whatever means possible.


As a writer most of my friends are also writers or creative types in some way. I've watched them in the community. They talk with their fans at Comic Cons, they get to know them by replying to posts online or through email, one author was even invited to a fan's wedding and he went! No, it's not going to be as easy as posting a status update and reaching thousands of your followers, but I believe the way to combat Facebook pulling the rug out from under you is to suck it up and drill down to what really matters.


If you have the opportunity to be in the community than do that. Conventions, if you're selling something and typically do it online, think about tabling at a local convention to talk with your customers face to face. Email, if you can get your audience to sign up for email market, do it! Sending email blasts (don't get spammy now) will go directly to their inbox. Hell, most people have the notifications pop up directly on their phone screen. So isn't a subject line from you in the palm of their hand better than a status update anyway? Other platforms, take your audience somewhere else. If you're more visual you belong on Instagram anyway. Chattier than the average bear, head over to Twitter. If you can navigate Snapchat better than me (most of you can), go there. Blogs, I feel like most people already do this one, but blogging is always an added bonus.

Honestly, there's no one answer. But look at who you are online and look at how you can keep the core of who you are, but evolve in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Get to know your audience a little bit more and ask them what they want. Get some feedback and roll with your best options.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading,

+ Colin

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