PVDonuts Is Hosting After Hours Events & Here's Everything You Need To Know About The First One

New England is slowly climbing away from winter’s deep freeze, but it’s not over yet. And on a chilly Monday afternoon in March you may not expect to find this many Providencians patiently waiting on Ives Street. What could possible draw them out of the warm indoors? Well, PVDonuts of course!

This was the first event of its kind for the popular artisan donut shop located in the Foxpoint area of Providence. After Hours opens up the store in the evening once a month with Long Live Beerworks on tap! An exclusive Invisible Person IPA graced the cups for the first go around. The premier After Hours theme was chicken and waffles. It featured a honey glazed brioche topped with Burgundian waffles and Bucktown fried chicken. So if you’re playing Providence bingo, get ready to dot it up with enthusiasm!

While I was there I didn’t speak to one person who didn’t love everything about what they ate. The donut was subtly sweet, the chicken was perfectly savory, and the waffles added a nice middle ground between the too. Personally it was like dinner and dessert all at once for me. I’ve worked in restaurants before and known some pretty great pastry chefs, but what PVDonuts does, well I’ve never seen that before.

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