Some Of The Best Places In The OS For Springtime Photo Ops With Your BFF's

Whether you're taking photos with a phone, as most of us are, or an actual camera, there's no shortage of places in the OS to explore. Especially during the milder months. But tbh, some just lend themselves more to pics for social (media) better than others. You know, because it's all about those WOW! moments and captures. Here then are a few must-motor-over-to's for this Spring. (Yeah, it's here technically, on the calendar and all, but it's not really here HERE yet, so keep these in mind for peak April and May.)

  1. The Jamestown Windmill in the Windmill Hill Historic District - Hellooo, Holland? Dating back to 1787, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in the late 1970's, these days it's Insta Famous, attracting a variety of both professional and amatuer photogs from RI and beyond. A fantastic foto op during the Spring and Summer in the OS especially, once all the greenery starts popping up. There's also an incredible view of the Newport Bridge from the back.

  2. The Garden On The Peerless Roof Deck, Downtown PVD - A few years ago, we were lucky enough to get a tour of the rooftop of the Westminster Lofts, which houses the private gardens for both Gracie's and sister bakery down the street, Ellie's. But it was an especially cold and gray day, and my photos reflect that. If you can somehow finagle (mean that in the best possible way) an invite this Spring, it's right up there with Wicked Tulip (more about that in a sec) in terms of cachet. Also, if someone can unlock the mystery of James Cameron having an apartment in that building, by all means. I mean, has he ever even once been spotted having coffee at Small Point?

  3. Forth Wetherill State Park in Jamestown - Channel your inner Madonna, circa her Borderline video and style arc from back in 1986 (Why not? Even Runways are spotlighting 80's styles. Like stirrups and those big *ss shoulder pads. No thanks but no judgement if you're into either.) at this former American Revolutionary Fort. Graffiti for days, and then some. Add your own a la Keith Haring or just take a ton of snaps at 'the Devil's Playground'. If you dare. Some people also say it's haunted by, among other things and in addition to JD's, the ghost of a dog from its Revolutionary days.

  4. Wicked Tulip in Johnston - Hello, Holland Part 2, also RI's Golden Ticket for photogs and bloggers of every variety during the month of May. So glad we got advance tix back in February because that Wicked Tulip window can close pretty quickly. Leaving you with a severe case of FOMO. And without a single farmhouse lifestyle chic photo to speak of. And, even if you can get your hands on any tickets, fingers crossed weather and light are on your side. Example, last Spring we bought tickets for Sunrise Tulip (Exactly as it sounds, be there for the first light of day.). At some point during the super early morning hours, the heavy rain began falling. We still motored over - as did a lot of other people, attired in rainboots (extra points if yours are Hunter's!) and jackets - and took dozens of photos, but clear skies would have been ideal.

Team Patty J