This Acclaimed Designer & RISD Alum Is Spotlighting Another Student From Her Fashion Summer Camp

Because Fashion Summer School Is A Thing 

Elana Carello has gotten shoutouts from O (That's the one and only Oprah!), and seen her whimisical line of knits showcased in a variety of hit tv shows and movies. Not to mention the long list of high profile brick & mortar stores who have carried her lines. Fast forward to her return to Rhode Island, a new line of fanciful sweaters, and the summer program she's put together to help teens (and now tweens) learn more about what really goes into being a working designer - Project FashionWorks. Today, we'll be spotlighting another outstanding student from one of her PFW classes. This time it's Jenny, an outstanding student from one of her teen workshops.

What Elana Says About Jenny

Jenny has a great passion for fashion. She throws herself fully into every collection, and she is definitely going to work in the fashion industry one day. She is very dedicated to her work and shows great promise.  

In her last collection, she showed excellent vision in using multiple textures quite thoughtfully. Her group was cohesive and well-executed. In addition, Jenny has developed excellent sewing skills, making a complicated invert pleated skirt in my sewing class with patience and dedication. (Photos below.)

Q & A With Jenny

1. Style Influences? The major influence in my life comes from Instagram and the various fashion and art accounts I follow.

2. If You Could Dress Any High Profile Person? I would choose Adelaide Kane for her simple elegant style. I think it would be fun to work with her style.

3. Biggest Challenges You've Faced As An Aspiring Designer? Although my parents are very supportive, I do not have the resources to pursue design to the extent that I would like to.

4. What Keeps You Motivated? Motivation towards a career in design has not been a problem for me; it has stayed with me for the past three to four years and shows no sign of lessening.

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