This Wellness Trend Has Arrived In The OS, So Text Your BFF About A Spa Day

Craving a day in the salt air?

Has the gray, winter-y weather this Spring in the OS got you going a little crazy?

Then Salt Therapy, also called Halotherapy (#nowtrending), is exactly what you need!

Yes, a Pink Himalayan salt (maybe you already have a lamp made out of the stuff burning somewhere in your house - the negatively charged salt ions are supposed to be incredibly detoxifying and calming - or you've tried to mix up some salt water sole to add to your morning lemon water or smoothie to help improve your circulation, lower your BP, and balance electrolytes ) cave has finally opened in the OS.

Similar salt therapy caves (and meditation rooms) started popping up on the West Coast a few years ago, and people across the country are now going gaga over them. In places like LA and NYC, you can even yoga your heart out in one! We tried the brand-y new Saltitude Himalayan Salt Cave in Lincoln last week, and are thrilled to report that it was above and beyond all the buzz. 

In other words, we are hooked.

After trading our shoes in for some white socks (a must to preserve the condition of the salt) and stashing our phones (Photos above are courtesy of their FB page.), we were ushered into a peaceful, magical space. Once we made ourselves comfy on the lounge chairs, we experienced a 10 minute guided mediatation, followed by 35 minutes of silent reflection (Full disclosure: one of us fell into a pretty deep snooze.) and relaxation. All the while, the Halo-generator was working to mill and disperse pharmaceutical grade salt particles into the cave's micro-climate. Breathing in this ultra fine mist, combined with the meditation, is supposed to act not only as a natural de-stresser but also aid in balancing your system (as that relates to things like water regulation, bp, staying alkaline, etc.), alleviating allergy symptoms and breathing related probs, and possibly reducing cravings.

Tbh, we're already trying to figure out when we can get back for another Saltitude session. The store front is sparkling clean, the person who assisted us could not have been nicer (It's a family run biz too btw.), and we felt like a gazillion bucks (relaxed to the max) by the time we walked out their front door. The walk-in fee is $35 per person, but you can also buy a pack of sessions which ultimately means less out of pocket for some calming time in their salt oasis and modern sanctuary.

Team Patty J