The Local Wellness Retreat We All Need This Week In The OS

If you didn't make it over to the Botanical Center at RWP last week during school vacay, the really good news is that there's still time to catch the Fairy Garden Days event that kicks off there every single April. And with the forecast the weather app on my I-Phone is showing right now (Let's not sugar coat - it's flippin cloudy-palooza.), looks like we're all going to need to run off to the BC for a much needed dose of sun sooner rather than later.

IMG_5548 2.jpg

We stopped by the other day and took a quick tour of some of the enchanting little scenes throughout. Tbh, it's one of the best excuses to give your phone the cold shoulder, take a mini break from the seemingly non-stop stresses of the mod world (never ending text chains, IG message notifications, ppl adding you to annoying FB groups and even more annoying FB group chats), and get caught up in all the aah-ha and awe-how-cute moments of this carefully curated, whimsical exhibit. One of their tag lines on social is 'Come visit the fairies to survive the reality of everyday life.' Exactly! A natural mood elevator if there ever was one. 

Also, can't make it to the Met Gala coming up in a few? For all the style afficiandos, there's a Fairy Fashion installation of sorts (See the collage photo above.), where you'll spy an array of tiny, handmade costumes. Courtesy of two talented local teens. Even Anna (Wintour) would probably crack a smile, Grace Coddington would def approve, and Instagram Superstar Eva Chen would no doubt be asking people to take her photo among the displays.


Beyond that, the people at BC and RWP (That's Roger Williams Park) are kicking it up this Spring with a bunch of other seasonally appropriate, wellness related events this coming weekend, including:

  • April 26th - Ceremonial Spring Cleaning ($15 per person) 
  • April 27th - Introduction To Chair Yoga
  • April 28th - Healing Herbs Workshop, courtesy of Farmacy Herbs ($20 per person, space is limited)

So grab your bestie who has the Healthy Living app in regular rotation on their phone (It lets you scan all of your beauty, skincare, cleaning products - as well as packaged or canned food - to see if they contain any harmful ingredients and to what degree.), lives for the 2 for $7 sale on Yogi Tea at Whole Foods, and never misses the Goop podcast, and have a ball.

Team Patty J


Photo Credits: Additional photos of the Fairy Garden Days courtesy of their FB Page