The Road Trip Helping Shelter Dogs Rolls Up In RI Today & You'll Want To Be There


So, The Asher House Adventure is in Rhode Island today.

If you've been watching, and rewatching, the video featuring Lee Asher, his 6 rescue dogs, and their customized RV traveling across the country a gazillion times via The Dodo page on Facebook (Same!), you're probably already a major fan.

If not, let's chat.


What started as an IG account with Lee mostly sharing his daily adventures in Cali with his dogs (including one who happens to be named Cali) has now grown, via a pretty successful Kickstarter that's raised over 57K and counting, into a road trip with a mission to visit 48 states (Alaska and Canada have been added now too!) and help at least one shelter dog in each state (for a min of 48...a goal they've already surpassed) get adopted. Also, to open people's eyes about all the wonderful - loving, sweet, beautiful - dogs waiting in shelters right now. #adoptdontshop 


Yes, to quote their IG bio, 2 guys (That's Lee and his friend, the photographer who's helping document everything for social as well as the dog rescue book they have planned...both also quit their jobs and completely uprooted their lives on the West Coast to embark on this groundbreaking trip) in an RV with dry senses of humor who love dogs who love people who want to change the world one rescue at a time are rolling up in Riverside, RI this afternoon from 3 to 5pm at the RI ASPCA at 186 Amaral St.

Whether you've been wanting to adopt a rescue or just want to say hey to Butters, Molly, Stella, BoBo, Lillie, and Cali, well worth your time on Tuesday April 24th.

More About The Asher House Adventure

Of course, there's always the option of following along on their road trip on social and online because that's what we do these days.

Find Them Instagram: @Theasherhouse @woofadventures1

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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of @Theasherhouse Insta