The Best Color You Aren't Wearing Yet But Should Be, Says This Men's Style Guy

Give Pink a Chance.

Make an actual fashion statement this spring.

I’ve often encouraged the dudes to break out of their ‘color zones,’ and I might be pushing the envelope this time around, but hear me out: Pink. C’mon, it’s just a lighter shade of red! (Off red?) So this season, show the world that you’re confident in whatever you put on, and that gender stereotypes have no place in your closet! Here are few ideas for taking the plunge.


The new Queer Eye rules! And Karamo Brown, the Fab Five’s culture expert, seems to have an endless collection of satin baseball jackets. Not only is this style a nice change for spring, but pink elevates the classic athletic look to a whole new level – casual, but so refined. Karamo's was not found for sale on the Internet, but here's one you can get lickety split. 


Pink has been “rock ’n’ roll” ever since Elvis inspired shrieks and screams of adoration from his female fans. Harry Styles continued the tradition when he appeared on the Today show last spring. Young Harry, who is becoming known for his bold suits, pulled no punches in this Edward Sexton pink bespoke showstopper. You may not think you’ll have many opportunities to wear a pink suit, but I guarantee, with these affordable separates from ASOS, you’ll create them!


If you can’t jump right in, just dip a toe into this brave new hue with a pair of sneakers. These muted numbers by Puma and Converse will go with any warmer weather clothing. Or partner a hot pink pair of Vans with a black suit and be the life of the funeral party. 


Floral and tropical styles are still a thing here in ’18, so pair these low-key pink flamingos with solid slim shorts or light-weight chinos. No one will mistake you for a tourist!


Okay, I’ve warmed up to the idea of sweat pants in public since the silhouettes have gone super slim. (Stay tuned for a whole new column on that topic!). But if you are going to venture out in sweat pants, you may as well mix it up and offer the unexpected. These Farah Shaldon sweats might look great with a white T and a black motorcycle jacket – perfect for your Sunday morning coffee run or standing around on the sidelines at your kid’s soccer game. 

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