Some Of The Best Local Spots For Celebrating Indie Bookstore Day


Ready for an Indie Bookstore Tour? Independent Bookstore Day, after all, is only a few days away - this Saturday, April 28th to be exact. Here then is a short list of essential stops to help you dig into bookstore culture in the OS this weekend. 

1. The Savoy, Downtown Westerly

They're serving up an impressive selection of books guaranteed to please even the most persnickety reader in your circle (We all have at least one Snobby Snobberson.), along with a classic coffee bar where you can veg out with the beverage of your choice and a cookie, muffin or bagel. Also, all the old time-y features (The woodwork!) are reminiscent of a space you *might* stumble across in a big city like Boston or NYC

2. Barrington Books Retold, GCC in Cranston

Ummm, who's excited about books and COFFEE (You know BBR has The Nitro Brew on tap now, right?) together again in Garden City! It's a cozy spot where our biggest problem has always been finding too many books - also, cards, magazines, and gift-y type items - that we suddenly can't live without. #bookshoppingprobz

3. Riffraff, Valley St in Providence

They've gone and combined two things that most people we know adore - books big and small with beverages like beer, wine, craft cocktails, and coffee. Their selection of books is small-ish but carefully curated. An eclectic assortment of fiction and non fiction titles. The front table is made up of the owners' current favs. Then there's the bar area in the back. Perfect spot to take someone you like a lot (good friend, first date or SO) or to hide out from the world on any given weekday. 

4. Stillwater Books, Main St in Pawtucket

This is the kind of bookstore the no-nonsense, voracious reader in all our lives daydreams about opening during their 2nd or 3rd act. A bonafide browser's paradise, situated in Downtown Pawtucket, it's packed with tons of affordable paperbacks and hard covers you'll want to scoop up for yourself or your bestie who's in desperate need of a screen break this season. Park in the lot in the back, adjacent to police parking, and stay a while. 

Team Patty J