People Are Going Bananas Over This New-ish Spot For Juice In The OS, So Text Your Crunchy Granola Besties


Suddenly, it feels just like Summer in the OS and everyone and their mother seems to be checking into Wicked Tulip Farm in Johnston on social. I'm guessing you've seen the photos in one of your feeds (Facebook, Insta or maybe you're caught in a text chain of some sort) over the last few days?


Unfortunately, if you didn't get tix in advance online for Wicked Tulips, you are out of luck thru this weekend. Seriously tho...when they say buy tickets on their site before driving over or that they are indeed SOLD OUT for said days, listen. (While we were there, I saw more than a few cars that had driven in from outta state turning around because they hadn't picked up tix or checked

So this post isn't about WTF (maybe that's what you're saying when you realize you drove hours for naught?), I'm here instead to talk fresh juice, juice I've been seeing a bunch of people raving about on my apps. Also, because 80 and 91 degree tempatures and cold pressed juice go together so flipping well. #CoolOff


So, yeah I'm talking about Fully Rooted Juice in Pawtucket, which friends, former co-workers, and any number of healthier eating fans have described as magical, life changing, and such. Delicious, healthy, and cute! And you don't need a Netflix documentary (there are a lot of those, aren't there?) to tell you how much better you feel when you're adding in some juices or smoothies made from top shelf quality fruits and veggies into your rotation. (that and kimchi, another food item that I really believe can make a huge difference in your skin. For the record, FR does carry a Rhody made kimchi that's intense. Jus sayin.) We tried two of their most popular flavors - their Green Lemonade and their Echinacea Sunrise and wow, just wow! (Big thanks to the peeps at FR for THAT btw!)

this photo courtesy of the Fully Rooted Juice Insta. all others by Stacey Doyle.

this photo courtesy of the Fully Rooted Juice Insta. all others by Stacey Doyle.

Thing is Fully Rooted's been around for years, selling their stuff at Farmers' Markets, which they still do. Last year, however, they opened up this cozy space at the mills on Mineral Spring in Pawtucket and it's completely Insta Worthy (in case you were wondering). With fresh juice on tap or glass bottled to go (no bags's strictly BYOB! In other words, bring your own bags or grab one of their reusuable cotton totes.), great to know after all the articles I've been seeing these last few months about plastics in the oceans, etc. Just take your bottles back for refilling and say bah byeee to overflowing recycle bins and those bags of bags you're currently stashing in a junk closet in your house. 


They also deliver right to your door (check their site for deets about that), so no more excuses about why-oh-why you can't get on the healthy eating and drinking band wagon. Cheersing to getting healthy and hydrated.

Photos: All photos except for juice on tap courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photo