3 Local Spots For Your Next Staycation Day Or Insta Story Spree In The OS

When not playing HQ (the questions are so random!) or hanging on every single Gary Janetti post on IG (we're not alone either, never seen so many Blue Checks rushing to comment on an IG post that wasn't their own. He's wicked but it's all in fun.), we're out scowering the OS for the best spots for staycation days and smart fone fotos. Now, without any further adieu, or fan girling, here are three Spring-tastic spots for you to enjoy and mobile upload from this month.

Gardens & The Gilded Age 

We got our first glimpse of Doris Duke's opulent estate turned museum Rough Point a few years ago during a Tennis Hall of Fame event. This month is an ideal time to head back to say hey to Princess & Baby (the two topiary camels adorning the front lawn...if you take a foto for the 'Gram, be sure to hashtag it as a #camelgram.) and go gaga over the gorgeous interiors and gardens. With the return of their self-guided tours, now renamed Roam Around Rough Point, you'll get plenty of opportunities for fantastic fotos for only $10 per person.

Note: If you've never watched the 2006 HBO movie starring Susan Saradon and Ralph Fiennes about Doris Duke and the butler she ultimately made executor of her epic estate (titled Bernard and Doris), highly recommend binging before your visit to RP. Last we checked the semi-fictionalized flick was available via HBO On Demand.

Where Art Meets Plants & Plant Based Eats 

Wildflour Cafe & Bakery in Pawtucket just reopened following their recent expansion and update and you have to go! Try the Golden Milk Latte (with oat milk) and a lemon cookie or smoothie but don't leave without getting a closer look at the brand-y new air plant installation on the back wall (photo above). Courtesy of Jordan's Jungle, the Pawtucket plant and garden shop with a cult following, it's made up of greenery that instead of emerging from the ground grows on top of surfaces. We're not 100% sure how it all works but one thing's certain - that green wall is sure to be a backdrop in a lot of Insta's in the coming year.

The Secret-ish Garden In Kingston

Last summer, we were strolling near The Towers in Gansett and started chatting with someone who tried to clue us in on what he called secret gardens near the URI Kingston campus. Pretty sure that guy (Hi Guy!) was probably talking about the URI Botanical Gardens & Horridge Conservatory. A popular spot for class trips as well as wedding photos for those in the know (we're guessing either recent grads of the univ or ppl who live or work in the vicinity), it's a must visit for everyone this season, from aspiring master gardeners to aspiring master Instagrammers. It's open to the public Monday thru Friday and there's also a weekly guided tour. Stalk their site for specifics.

Team Patty J

Photo Credits: Rough Point photos (including thumbnail) from the Newport Restoration Foundation Instagram; air plant photo from the Wildflour Vegan Bakery Instagram; URI Botanical Garden photo from the Univ Of RI Instagram.