6 Ways To Having Your Best Food Truck Night Ever (Because Summer's Pretty Much Here)


We just got back from LA where the whole food truck craze was born. Before hitting any food truck events in the OS this (almost) summer, do yourself a favor and watch The Chef, an indie-ish movie written, directed & starring Jon Favreau. (It's the polar opposite of his work on big, over the top films like Iron Man and probably available on Netflix or HULU at this point.) It tells the story of a top chef at a popular LA restaurant who leaves it all behind and starts a new chapter in his life by launching his own food truck. Much to the dismay of almost everyone in his life. Spoiler alert, be on the look for cameos from Robert Downey Jr of Iron Man fame and an almost unrecognizable brunette Scarlett Johansson. 

Now, LA's great and all, but one thing nobody told me is that it's cloudy and chilly in May. Who knew that was a thing? (One store clerk at Moon Juice clued me in, saying ~ "May is gray, June is gloom." Ummm, yikes!) The vg news is that we returned to Rhode Island to some summer-like weather, the kind of temps and sunshine we'd expected to encounter over there on the opposite coast. (Tbh Mom was right, always pack a sweatshirt and long pants!) 

So yeah, it's peak food truck weather here, and RI has really ramped up its f/t game over these last few years. From Full Moon Fod Truck Nights At Mulligan's in Cranston to Warwick's Food Truck Nights with rotating locations to Food Truck Friday at the RWP Carousel and beyond. (Click here for the full schedule.)

With all this in mind then, here are a few tips to keep in mind for next time, so you have a mother food trucking good time:

  1. Bring cash. Small bills in particular. It's just easier for everyone involved.

  2. Bring the kiddies. The prices are reasonable enough to feed a good size group on a budget and it's definitely a family-centric atmosphere.

  3. Dress code is cas. Only saying this because I saw a few ppl at the Gansett Town Beach one a few years ago dressed like they were on a style blogger photo shoot (chunky heels and all) and it annoyed the heck outta me.

  4. Go hungry. Something for just about everyone's tastes. And if you're going meat free, there's always Friskie Fries or pizza. Or both.

  5. But not hangry. Don't be that person in line. You know, Mr. (or Ms.) Cranky Pants. In other words, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  6. Be prepared. Because the Boy Scouts were on to something with that. I mean, I've seen some smart cookies at these events. One group brought beach chairs (Jealous!) and another took their own beach towels to use as cushions for their seats at the picnic tables on the premises.

All worth bookmarking before your next f/t nite.


Photo Credits: Additional photos courtesy of Ashley Farney