One Of The Best Tours To Take This Summer - Because TBH You're Looking For Something New To Do

Birthdays are an excuse to do something you normally wouldn't do, and unless you're willing to sign your life away and skydive, finding that something can be difficult. Also, the last year of your twenties is definitely a big deal. So, with this in mind, it was my boo's birthday, and I wanted to make it one he'd never forget. After searching Google for days, I came across Bird's Eye View Helicopter Tours  located in Middletown - the perfect combination of adventure and romance!

These are the options I had to choose from:


  • Mansion 
  • Lighthouse
  • Exclusive Island 
  • Premiere Bay 
  • Capital City 
  • Bristol Independence 
  • Westport River 
  • Newport Island at Sunset 


  • Helicopter and Vineyard
  • The Proposal
  • Inside and Above Newport
  • Sky and Sea Gansett Cruise
  • Sea and Air 12M Sail 
  • The Ultimate Newport

I went with the Sky and Sea Gansett Cruise Package. The helicopter ride was 20 minutes long, and the views were breathtaking. (We took mad amounts of pics during, and they will also snap your photo with one of the helicopters in the background, so you have that as a souvenir as well.)

We also did the Island Tour, so we saw all of Newport, and everything around it - mansions and non-mansions, bridges, vineyards, etc. 

Spoiler Alert, you'll never look at Newport the same way again - Everything looks so beautiful from 20,000 feet in the sky! #HighlyRecommended

That's All For Now, 



Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Brianna Jean

**This post has been updated and revised from a previous version that appeared on the blog in 2016.