I Had My Hair Done In PVD And LA & The Results Might Surprise You

Sorry I Can't Hear You Over The Volume Of My Hair

I remember reading an article about the big city blowout bar phenom in which one woman bragged about not having bought a bottle of shampoo in years - because she had her hair done every 3 days or so at one, so why would she have the need for such things in her shower at home?

On one hand, I aspired to be her because make no mistake about it, I have zero talent when it comes to actually being able to make my own hair (or anyone else's for that matter) look presentable. On the other, I actually did get my hair done at one of those blowout chain places while in LA and yes, it looked good for a few short hours (place was cute too, not gonna lie) but after that, it all went downhill pretty quickly. Resulting the next morning in what can best be described as a tangled, flat mess. 

The takeaway? Sometimes it takes mediocre results to truly appreciate something done well back home. Not exactly what Glinda The Good Witch or Dorothy Gale had in mind when they embarked on the whole click your heels together three times thing, but let me just say that if your hair doesn't look good, even ruby slippers (or red bottom Christian Louboutins) won't help.

New Hair, Who Dis?

So, before traveling to LA, I'd partnered with Whole You Beauty on Angell (a very big deal for yours truly since for essentially my entire life, from birth until now, the same person has cut, colored, and otherwise done my hair) in PVD where I was treated to an expertly executed wash (in a special chair specifically designed not to stress your neck...photo above), aromatherapy (highly recommeding that), and a blowout. Resulting in a boat load of compliments (including from said person above who also happens to be my sister), and lasting for 3+ days.

Far exceeding the LA fiasco, and kind of a huge deal. Because as anyone who struggles with their hair will tell you, it's not just about Day 1 of a blowout - it's about getting to Day 3 and still looking fab, without having to reach for much more than a shower cap (steam is not your friend if you want to maintain smooth looking strands, jus sayin) and a solid paddle brush. 

Love Is In The Hair

And what good is a great hair day if you don't somehow document it on social? Here's Jen, owner and proprietor at Whole You, snapping a photo of my finished hair for their IG. Now, their social's lovely, definitely check them out, but at the end of the day, it's the in-person experience (spa-esque mellow atmosphere, eco conscious and clean product lines...green beauty and lifestyle fan Meghan Markle, or should I call her the Duchess of Sussex, would approve) and real life results. 

Ciao for Now, 

Patty J

*Part of a collaboration with Whole You Beauty Studio + Stacey Doyle Photography*

Photo Credits: All photos by Stacey Doyle