All The Ways To Add More Avocado To Your Life & Your Summer In The OS Just Got Way Better

Forget chips and extra guac for a second because people are now incorporating avocado into marriage proposals, replacing the pit with a ring and documenting the whole darn thing over on Instagram. Kid you not, it's for realz. After chewing on that for a bit, we decided to put together a short list of ways that the rest of us can enjoy more avo in our dailies (aka, daily lives). 


Old School: Avo toast isn't going anywhere. It's pretty much a breakfast, brunch or snack classic at this point. Indulge all your AT cravings locally at Insta worthy spots like Shayna's in Wickford and Sydney in PVD

New School: We've had so many swell meals at Perro Salado in Newport! They're also the only place in the area where you can get your hands on some delish avo fries, now trending among avo lovers across the country, and the perfect add on for your next brunch, lunch or evening meal splurge. 

Blame Tom Brady! He created quite the buzz around his recipe for (non dairy) avocado ice cream, which he teased, then finally revealed in his recent-ish health and fitness tome The TB12 Method. Some ppl adore it (a few of our FB friends for sure), and if you're in a DIY mood, you might want to give it a whirl. Otherwise, look for Cado, an emerging brand of avo ice cream that Whole Foods included on their list of the biggest food trends for 2018. And scope out the two Rhody brick and mortars that offer plant-based ice cream, Like No Udder and Wildflour. They'd be most likely (fingers crossed) to offer options in the area this Summer.

Beauty & Lifestyle

You're Soaking In It: Having trouble catching some zzz's? Dr Teal's, a cult fav brand, makes a soothing mineral soak that does in fact contain avocado oil, known of course for being incredibly hydrating. 

Sleep On It: Long before the avo engagement ring trend, Avocado Mattresses have been on our wish lists. Ok, it's a stretch but...they are handmade in the US (unheard of, right?) from organic, all natural materials (no avo tho), and have gotten raves online for being comfy and super supportive. They also have a return policy that means you won't ever have to lose sleep over sending a mattress back for a full refund if it turns out you're not a fan after all. Unlikely, but still good to know.

Let's Face It: Everyone from Sephora and Kiehl's to Tata Harper and Korres has products made with avo oil. Face masks. Eye creams. Treatment oils. After searching around, we couldn't find any options in any of the locally made beauty and skincare lines, but we'll be keeping an eye out. In the meantime, we'll be whipping up some face masks with these (click here) five fab recipes.