Pack This & Not That For Your Italian Adventure, So Says Someone Who Was Just There For Three Weeks

Now that summer is over and you are thinking of your next big trip to Italy in Summer 2019...let me help you!


See I went to Europe for about 3 weeks this past summer. We went everywhere in Italy from Rome, Sesto Campano, Sorrento, Florence, and Venice.  Every single site was absolutely stunning, and each place was different. However, there was one common factor between all these places we visited - the heat! It was so hot. Family and friends told me how hot it was going to be, but I defintely didn’t take them that seriously, which is why I am giving you a complete guide for what to pack. And what NOT to. 



1. For siteseeing during the day, loose rompers. They are so comfortable and most importantly, cool in the extreme heat and high humidity. You can wear a romper with a fun choker and a hat to dress it up a bit too. 

2. Not everyone is a fan of rompers...For those of you, I recommend a nice pair of loose shorts paired with a tight tank top or maybe a fun bralette. With something like this, you are able to stay cool while still looking cute. 

3. Flowy dresses. My aunt bought the most comfortable (and stylish) dresses from Old Navy.  


4. What shoes can you wear during the day that won’t kill your feet? SUPERGAs. Highly recommend - everyone in Europe is wearing them! They were SO comfortable and I bought white, so they matched everything. Also, I hate that bulky sneaker look. (Their classic ones are not.)


Honestly, when it is 100 degrees and the sun is beating down, no one is going to look at you and say wow you look super cute in the jean skirt, crop top and heels! They're going to look at you and say wow you must be super uncomfortable and hot with the makeup dripping off your face, etc (translation - not worth it). Also, in certain parts of Italy - like The Vatican for ex - there's a dess code and you're required to wear more conservative clothing.



1. Two pieces! Rather it's shorts (or pants) and match-y shirts - such an easy outfit and easy to pack as well. I lived in something like this.


2. Can't find a good 2 piece set? I bought pants in all different colors from lulus and they are my newest obsession. I pair them with a tight tank or a crop top. (You’re welcome!)


3. I also love a nice maxi dress with a slit. Breezy and cool. 


4. FACT: Do not waste time or take up any room in your suitcase packing heels. You can’t walk in Italy in heels because of all the cobblestone streets. If you need heels for whatever reason I recommend a wedge, which is what I brought - but they were still not easy to walk in. So save yourself the trouble and find a nice looking flat sandal.

I hope this inspires you to plan a trip for 2019 - mainly because you can go on a shopping spree for all new stuff!  Happy Fall, peeps!

Ciao for now,



Photo Credits: Clothing photos courtesy of Old Navy, Revolve, and lulus sites.