Here's How You Can Ease Into Autumn - Even Though It's Still Muggy AF


It's the classic beginning of September struggle. Your inbox and news feeds are full of ads and articles about sweaters, boots, blazers, pumpkin spice, and getting COZY - even though it's still muggy af outside!

So, you haven't packed away your t-shirts and open toed shoes yet (totally understandable), but you still want to ease into something autumnal? Might I suggest a mini-tour of some of the local farms to pick up some in season produce and more? Maybe snap a few Instagrams or Insta Stories in the process? Starting with Western Cranston-ish area, frankly because that's where I found myself yesterday - after enjoying an order of Mediterranean toast (highly recommending btw), and taking a few blog-related calls, at Wildflour in Pawtucket. (Sidebar for all my friends eating plant based - Garden Grille is getting a major renovation starting next week, but you still have Sept 6, 7, and 8 to enjoy a squash quesdilla or three before they start work on everything and close down for a few weeks.)

The Good Earth - This is the only farm or farmstand in the immediate area where you can pick up organically grown veggies. Yesterday I bought tomatoes and eggplant and the owner threw in some fresh garlic. Not too shabby! Their greenhouse is also perfect for taking a few photos to upload to either FB or IG. 

the greenhouse at The Good Earth 

the greenhouse at The Good Earth 

Confreda Farms - I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by displays of at least three different kinds of sweet corn upon entering the market area. (It's in season in these parts ya know!) After mulling over my options for a few, I decided on the butter and sugar corn, which is supposed to be one of the tastiest. A lot of other things caught my eye, including their apple pies. (I feel like if you brought one of those along on a visit to someone's house, you'd be a hero.) 


Pippin Orchard - I went in search of Pippin yesterday. It was on my list. It is, after all, one of the first names/locations that comes to mind when one thinks about apple picking, apple pies, cider donuts, and such this time of year. The heat had really gotten to me by the time I made it out of Confreda though, so I decided to call it a day. We'll put a pin in that for next time then!