This Juicery Is The Best Local Spot If You & Your BFF's Are Curious About The Hottest Wellness Trend Of 2019

Go beyond juice with this must see spot in Middletwon, RI!

Go beyond juice with this must see spot in Middletwon, RI!

It’s the hottest wellness and beauty trend as we coast into 2019.

People are giving it to their pets (for everything from incessant barking to pain relief), adding it into teas and other beverages (more about that in a sec.), and there’s even makeup (I have a mascara from the line MILK that says as much and it does the job quite nice thank you!) infused with it.

I’m talking of course about CBD or Cannabidiol.

And yes, it’s extracted from hemp and cannabis plants, but no, it won’t get you high. Whether in oil or lotion form or as an add-in to certain foods and drinks, CBD is currently being celebrated as an all natural, non-addictive anti-inflammatory that helps with a variety of ailments and conditions, including anxiety, arthritis, sore muscles, and acne.

So I was curious. When we were in NYC recently, at Soho House for dinner, I’d had a non-alcoholic relaxation elixir. The only local place I’d come across that’s posted anything at all about CBD infused food and drink, however, is The Power Of Juice in Middletown, so off we went the other day to check it out. Now, my go-to juice bar these days tends to be Wildflour in Pawtucket where instead of juices or smoothies, I actually order coffee-based drinks like their golden milk or beet root lattes, along with a vegan pastry. But gotta say, after visiting TPOJ, I’m a big fan.

Not only do they carry the Lord Jones CBD candies and tinctures you may have seen in recent features in glossy mags like Bon Appetit, but they also have ABLIS (sparkling lemon water with CBD) as well as the aptly titled Edibles cookbook. All in all, nice, accessible options for easing into the trend.

We ended up picking up some of the sparkling water (zero calories btw), a celery juice (also wildly popular right this minute), and a jar of coconut (non-dairy) yogurt, which leads me to the next thing that I love about TPOJ - it’s like no other juicery I’ve been to in the OS because it has so darn much to offer under one roof! Sure, there’s freshly made juice to drink in or take with you, kombucha, nut milks, and reusable totes. But they also have lots of health and wellness books, vegan baked goods, cacao candies, buddha statues, and plenty of gift-y items. (I’m probably leaving soooo much out, but you get the idea.) Did I also mention that the owner is an award winning chef who researches and road tests just about every single item for sale in the store?

Maybe you’re intrigued by the chatter around CBD or you just want to add more plant-based eats into your life in the new year. Either way, you’ll want to zip over to The Power Of Juice this month and experience it for yourself.

**The Power Of Juice is located at 1149 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown, RI.