This PVD Cafe Is Kicking Off Their Annual Hot Cocoa Festival Early This Year & Yum

Some people spent New Year’s Day cooking - and eating - lentils. (It’s supposed to be good luck…Another tip? I highly encourage everyone to prepare your lentils in an Instant Pot because it makes them much easier to digest. #YoureWelcome)

Others did the whole polar plunge thing. (Way too cold for me. If I were going to subject myself to anything so shocking to the system, I’d do Cryotherapy because it’s supposed to be fantastic for reducing inflammation, improving circulation, etc…Watch for something this week though from a longtime friend of the blog - and brave soul - who took part in one on Jan. 1.)

Me? I headed over to The Shop in Fox Point for the kick-off of their annual Cocoa Fest.

CF means The Shop will be rolling out a new flavor every single week during January and February 2019. Pretty sure they’ve expanded CF this year to include January, so there’s something kinda special to help get us thru one of the most challenging months in the OS weather wise as well as the very real possibility of those post-Holiday blues.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get there just in time for the day’s last cup of Chocolate Orange, a carefully crafted mug of choc goodness topped with a fresh orange slice. (Photos above.) The kind of smooth, delicious sip you’ll only get from an indie cafe that not only uses quality ingredients but also where the preparation could pass for an artform.

They were also featured last fall on the Angry Baker’s IG (along with Bayberry Beer Hall, The Providence Athenaeum, Benefit Street, and The Coffee Grinder on Bowen’s Wharf), which is kind of a huge deal too,

especially for anyone looking for Insta Worthy settings for their eats and drinks. I just wanna know when she took this photo because whenever I go, they are hopping. Aka, wicked crowded…Anywho, see you at Cocoa Fest 2019!

**The Shop is located at 460 Wickenden St., Providence, RI.