Host Your Own Luncheon For Your Favs With No Fuss, Courtesy Of Our Friends At Feast & Fettle

Foodie Confessions

You probably won’t find me spending an afternoon testing out recipes in the kitch or bringing a home baked loaf of banana bread as a hostess gift. (Apparently, ex-lifestyle blogger, former actress, and now Duchess Meghan caused a quite a stir when she did just that on one of the stops on her Australian tour with new husband Prince Harry last year.) And cooking is really trending in a big way right now. I mean, you will absolutely lose count if you start listing all the celebs who have cookbooks in circulation. (Chrissy Teigen’s deal with Target, GP’s latest tome, Tiffani Thiessen’s new how-to all come to mind.) My answer to all of this? I say either make friends - or cozy up to family (Hi B!) - who cook on the reg. Or connect with the fab-u-lous people over at Feast & Fettle.

lunch by the lovelies over at Feast & Fettle

lunch by the lovelies over at Feast & Fettle

Food With Friends

This week I hosted a lovely lunch with all kinds of tasty food courtesy of Feast & Fettle and you know what? I didn’t have to stress over planning a menu, grocery shopping, meal prep, major cleanup (Dishpan hands, oh the horrror! Especially this time of year, with the cold weather and high heat indoors already doing a number on all of our hands.), or the possibility that my guests might be less than thrilled with what I was serving. Again, I’m no Martha Stewart or Blake Lively in the kitchen. (More power to them, but I gotta meeee, ya know?)

The only thing better than talking about food is eating food…with friends.

The only thing better than talking about food is eating food…with friends.

The Reviews Are In…

Everyone loved the dishes and dessert (more about that in a sec)….and I had plenty of time to socialize with my guests. Also Feast & Fettle was so accomodating when it came to the different food-related requests from my friends. Vegetarian? No problem! I had two yummy salads to satisfy all the plant-based eaters (including me) - their Arugula & Fig and the Cold Lentil. (The salads are also part of their new On The Go lunch options - conveniently sized portions of salds to take along to work, school, or just have at home to satisfy those healthier green eating goals for 2019.) Gluten and dairy free? Enter their Sausage, White Bean & Kale Soup. (Also, it’s really great knowing that everything is made fresh from top quality, local ingredients. No defrosted salds or soups thank you very much!)


Add in some Durum Rolls and Almond Macaroons (#scrumptious) from Seven Stars (both staples on the Feast menus), and we’re talking five star lunch. Full disclosure: my sister sampled a leftover roll and proclaimed it some of the best bread she’s ever eaten in her entire life.


Special thanks to Elizabeth from Pepper’s Closet (and Pepper & Parsley), Dr. Mary Claire Dilks from Emerging Energy, Guisela Pinto Caballero (Psychotherapist, Empowerment Coach, Inspirational Speaker), and Karen Gomes (Makeup Artist Extraordinaire) for being part of the day.

*This post is part of a collaboration with Feast & Fettle. For more info their meal plans and rates, please go to

Photo Credits: All photos by Emily Howe