This Holistic Esthetician Has Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your Skin Healthy This Winter

Alison Zagorsky is a Holistic Esthetician at Emerging Energy Acupuncture in Providence and the OH Spa at the Ocean House in Westerly. Today, she’s here sharing skincare tips and insights, as well as some of her fav (local) places and things.

My passion for skincare was sparked when I was around twelve. I was struggling with acne all through my teens and trying all kinds of products. It wasn't until esthetics school that I began to fully understand how my diet and certain lifestyle habits were affecting my skin. The skin is a reflection of your inner health and we sometimes forget to stop and listen to what our body needs.

Photo of Alison’s treatment room at Emerging Energy courtesy of Stacey Doyle

Photo of Alison’s treatment room at Emerging Energy courtesy of Stacey Doyle

Alison at Emerging Energy

Alison at Emerging Energy

For me, facials are much more than quick applications of taking products on and off. It's about that connection with each client, getting them to a place of deep relaxation where a deeper healing can take place. As touch is such an important part of my treatments, I combine a lot of advanced facial massage and of course only use clean products. Ingredients are everything to me!

I also have been offering Gua Sha facials for a year now and completely obsessed, as are my clients.  Gua Sha helps with lymphatic drainage, increased circulation, lifted and firmer skin are just a few of the many benefits.  I am also certified in Dien Chan Zone, Italian facial reflexology which originated in Vietnam.

Top 5 Tips For Healthier Skin

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise - Get that lymphatic system moving!

  2. Try to eat clean, organic whole foods and drink lots of water.

  3. A good probiotic - Gut health is so important, not only for skin health, but for overall health too.

  4. Don’t pick at your skin! Enough said.

  5. Self-care rituals. Even if it’s just a few minutes of facial massage while you cleanse. Really enjoy the products you are using and get accustomed to your skin.

About Me

• Went to Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Make Up Artistry in Medford, Massachusetts. Before I started my training, I imagined myself as a make-up artist in New York. The program showed me that I love giving facials more.

• This March I will celebrate 18 years as a professional holistic esthetician.

• I love running and dancing! I enjoy ballroom dancing, but haven’t had the time for a lesson in a while.

• My favorite music is house music, it’s mainly what I have on my running playlist.

• I love all animals! Have a 14 year old mini schnauzer/poodle mix, and my son has a dwarf bunny.

Favorite Places + Things

• My everyday skincare routine involves Dr. Mary Claire's products. She makes them herself and they are available in our retail space or online. I also incorporate her line into my treatments. My favorite body oil is Grateful Body's Midnight Oil.

• I love Rasoi in Pawtucket, Ichiban in Cranston, and The Grange in Prov. Since I try to stay away from dairy, I love the vegan pizza at Flat Bread Pizza Co, and for ice cream, it's Like No Udder in Prov.

• I have worked all over the state and favorite places to go in the summer are Little Compton, a true hidden gem, Bristol, and Watch Hill in Westerly is simple beautiful. 

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Photo Credits: All photos, except one of Alison, are by Stacey Doyle.