A New Sip For Sunday Brunch With Your BFF's - Made Using Rose Petals From Those VDay Bouquets

Remember when “Rosé All Day” was a really big thing? It wasn’t so long ago that everyone - and their mom - was sharing cute Insta quotes or memes embracing it. And of course there was the merch: totes, tees, and yup, even a wine brand.

Forget the rosé (for right now anyway) because this week’s all about rose petals!

Maybe, just maybe you have a rose or twelve around from yesterday.

How about a Mason jar? (They’ve gone from rustic chic to mainstream-ish faster than you can say purposely distressed denim.)

Photo by angintaravichian/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by angintaravichian/iStock / Getty Images

Vodka? (Speaking of which…some ppl say it’s better for you than red wine.)

Alright then, you pretty much have all the key things you’ll need to make this delicious Rose Petal Drink - for cheersing to the weekend or perhaps to Katy Perry’s much ballyhooed engagement to Orlando Bloom. (I mean, the ring she’s flashing on Insta is a flower design, so it would kind of make sense.)


Friend of the blog, amazing photographer, and amateur mixologist Stacey Doyle gave this recipe a whirl, and the terrif people at Tito’s liked the resulting photos sooooo much, they shared them to their social. Start it tonight and have an unexpected (and delish!) drink for 5 o’clock cocktail hour or brunch on Sunday with your besties. And it’s easy like Sunday morning to make at home.

Photo courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography

Photo courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography

  • Add 5 cups of rose petals to a large Mason jar.

  • Dissolve 1 cup of sugar with a 1/2 cup of water over low heat.

  • Pour the sugar water over the roses, attach lid, then shake.

  • Let sit for 48 hours.

  • Next, strain the rose water and add 2 cups of Tito's Handmade Vodka.

Enjoy the liqueur on its own or mix with some champagne.

Photo Credits: Rose petal liqueur photo courtesy of Stacey Doyle

*This post has been updated and revised from one that appeared on the blog during the Spring of 2018.