The PVD Concert Series For When You & Your BFF's Want Something Mellow & Low Key Sophisticated

There I was hitting the Facebook like button on a post promoting a live music event at The Met in NYC, and a second later, shaking my head about why we in the OS had nothing like it going on .

Well, oh how wrong I was - because as I later found out, there are live concerts at the RISD Museum.

All. The. Time. (For the record, this is the 22nd season of their MusicWorksCollective, an effort to create community via music education and performance.)

Then I saw an Instagram friend who seems to always being out doing something entertaining at one of them with her kids and hubby. (Almost asked HER to blog about it, but honestly, haven’t seen her IRL in more than a year and the whole thing would have been awkward af.)

So, what’s a Rhody-based-lifestyle-blogger to do when they’re out of town on a holiday weekend and can’t get to an event (or series of them…RISD Museum’s “Music In The Gallery” one to be exact) that they want to feature on their site? Why utilize digital technology and bombard that someone close to you (aka, my husband) with pleading texts of course! That’s gotta work, right?

Now, if you scrolled past these photos, the really good news is that my impromptu campaign to get my hubby to a RISD concert yesterday was a success. (Things don’t always work out this smoothly, but when they do…fantastic!) But more about the actual concert yesterday afternoon…one nice thing about a Sunday there is that admission and this particular show were both FREE. A no cost afternoon out for you, or you and all your favorites, then!

Another thing is there’s a flexibility to it. Yesterday’s concert by J.P.A. Falzone and Morgan Evans-Weiler (which included new pieces of music they created specifically for) was broken down into three separate hours of music over the course of four hours( from 12noon thru 4pm). And according to the hubs, people were floating in and out of the room where the music was, making time for the art too. Speaking of which, I have yet to locate the room with the ginormous Buddha, but that’s another post for another time…Also I think my husband probably got lost because he kept talking about how big the museum is.

OK, so maybe you missed out on Todd Oldham a few years ago (I bought VIP tix for a TO guided tour of his exhibition there for a shockingly affordable price…once in a lifetime opportunity for sure! Also spotted former 80’s It Girl turned animal rights activist and vegan handbag designer Cornelia Guest at the after party in the lobby, but decided at the last minute against going up to her.) and DVF (I received a save the date email and then nothing. I mean, can’t tell you how much I wanted to go to that lunch last Spring with Diane Von Furstenberg. She is, after all, a living legend, fashion and pop culture wise.), you won’t want to have the same thing happen with these concerts. Some are free, others are not (Click here for more info.), and still others are part of their Third Thursday nighttime events, but I for one am going to make it a point to start going and enjoying them this Spring.