8 Great Spots To Take The Kiddos This Week During School Vacay In Rhode Island

This President’s Day kicked off the winter break for most schools around New England. As most parents know finding engaging things to do with your kids when it’s not beach weather isn’t easy. Here are a few things I’ve planned for this week with my daughter.

By the way, I get that doing things indoors means you’ll have to fork over the $$, so I’ve included a link to the Museum Passes that are available at your local RI libraries. Some are free passes, some are discounts, but the passes themselves do not cost anything. You’ll just need your library card to reserve them. You can check that out HERE. Just make sure you pay attention and click the correct day when reserving them.

The Providence Children’s Museum: If you have kids I bet you’ve been here. If you haven’t, it’s great because you can basically let them loose like the free-range, non-GMO, cage-free headless chickens they wanna be. It’s already an okay price, but with the library pass it’s “Half-price admission per person, up to 4 persons.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts: My second favorite art museum in Boston (Isabella Stewart Gardner is my #1). A great opportunity for any kids that appreciate art or are interested in drawing/painting/sculpting. With the pass:$10 admission per person, up to 2 persons (no additional fee for special exhibits).

The Natural History Museum: This week they are doing a really cool ‘Adventures in STEM’ with fun things like experiments, scientific concepts, and other STEM-related activities.The events vary day-to-day, so check out the website and see what’s up. There’s no pass for this one, but admission to the museum is extremely cheap in general.

R1 Indoor Karting: Tired of getting a sore thumb from Mario Kart? Me too… so try the real thing on for size. R1 is in Lincoln and they have an indoor kart track. Zoom zoom! The karts are electric so no fumes, just fun.

The New England Aquarium: Just went here a couple of weeks ago and I’m pretty sure my daughter had her hand in the petting tank for 45 minutes touching rays and small sharks… Just sayin’. Typically it’s pretty pricey, but with the pass it’s “$10.00 per person, up to 4 people.”

RISD Art Museum: I typically take my daughter here on Sundays when admission is free, but it really is a great way to let them experience culture in a decently relaxed environment (the docents here are very nice and don’t give you the stink eye when they see your half-pint walk in). With the pass: “Free for 2 adults and children under 18.

Museum of Science (Boston): If science is your kid’s thing you should already have been here. So what are you waiting for!!! With the pass it’s “$10.00 per person (coupon), up to 4 people.”

Roger Williams Park Zoo: And thanks to global warming it’s February and Friday is supposed to be 44 and sunny. So if you want to check out the zoo you can use the pass and get: “$3 discount for any combination of up to 4 adults, seniors or children.

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