These Rhody Greenhouses, Indoor Gardens & Plant Shops Are Serving A Taste Of Spring & We're So Ready


There’s talk of another storm and the temps are anything but balmy. What’s an anxious RI’er to do? Short of cashing in your points or airline miles and buying a ticket to the West Coast (Speaking of which, last weekend a bunch of my family got to meet Lisa Vanderpump - of Bravo’s Real Housewives of BH and Vanderpump Rules - at Villa Blanca in LA…of course, I’m freakin’ jealous!), there are a few pretty fantastic spots in the OS you and your crew can visit this week for a much needed warmer weather preview. Sure you’re probably already well acquainted with the Botanical Center at RWP, but how about these other four Spring-tastic spots around the state?


The Secret-ish Garden In Kingston

A few summers ago we were strolling near The Towers in Gansett and started chatting with someone who tried to clue us in on what he called secret gardens near the URI Kingston campus. Pretty sure that guy (Hi Guy!) was probably talking about the URI Botanical Gardens & Horridge Conservatory. A popular spot for class trips as well as wedding photos for those in the know (we're guessing either recent grads of the university or ppl who live or work in the vicinity), it's a must visit for everyone this Spring. (It's open to the public Monday thru Friday and there's also a weekly guided tour. Stalk their site for specifics.) In the meantime, however, a stroll thru the greenhouses is perf for a much needed boost during these frigid final days of February.

Where Art Meets Plants & Plant Based Eats 

Grab a cozy snack (I recommend a hot Golden Milk Latte with oat milk and a lemon cookie.) at Wildflour, but don't leave without getting a closer look at the air plant installation on the back wall. Courtesy of Jordan's Jungle, the Pawtucket plant and garden shop with a cult following (more about them below), it's made up of greenery that instead of emerging from the ground grows on top of surfaces. Not 100% sure how it all works but one thing's certain - it’s sure to give you a little boost whilst you’re waiting for Spring to FINALLY show itself ‘round here!

Photo courtesy of the Jordan’s Jungle Instagram

Photo courtesy of the Jordan’s Jungle Instagram

Like A Mini Tropical Getaway

Located in a refurbished mill building in Pawtucket not far from WF Cafe & Bakery, Jordan’s Jungle is a literal jaw dropping paradise of greenery. It really is quite stunning! I first learned about it from Dr. Mary Claire Dilks (Providence acupuncturist, herbalist, and frequent contributor to the blog), and popped over last month to purchase a plant for my bedroom (one that’s supposed to help purify the air) and some smaller ones to use as favors for a friends get together I had planned. Known for their extensive selection of tropical and hard to find plants (not to mention their online catalog), Jordan’s has developed quite the following in the OS and once you go, you’ll know why.

Photo courtesy of the Nature Lab Instagram

Photo courtesy of the Nature Lab Instagram

The Living Wall At RISD

I first went in search of what’s-come-to-be-called the ‘Living Wall’ at RISD the year before last and it didn’t disappoint! Located on the level below the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, the wall is a lush, green reminder of what awaits us in another 60-90 days in the OS. Spend a few minutes observing and meditating on it. Or take some phone fotos and videos for social. Either way, it’s a delightful win-win.